Things that are making me HAPPY!

My kids are coming home tonight. I cannot wait. I have missed them so much. They are going to be super tired and want to sleep but I am going to kiss them lots anyway. They have had an amazing adventure. I am so grateful to my sister for taking them to Italy. They got to see old friends and make new ones. I cannot wait to see all of the pictures. The ones they have sent are amazing. 

Free Money! I found this $20 bill under a bush in a parking lot. Hubby says I can spot free money a mile away. I feel bad for whoever lost it but I am happy that I am the one who found it. Into the driveway fund you go. 

Foraging. There is a plot of land a block from my house. It has raspberry bushes on it. I went after work today to see if they are ready and they are. I picked 1/2 a pound. They are very small this year. Maybe because of the high temps. I'm not really sure. They are delicious. I will be going the next few days to see if more are ready. I'm hoping to get more. Free food is for me. 


Adding to my Panrty

I had a great week shopping. First up was Stop & Shop. The ice creams were 2 for $4, pasta was 77¢ each, soda was 87¢ each, cherries were $1.67 a pound (5 pound max), chicken breasts were bogo, candy was free and the fries were $3.49. Ibotta was doing a french fry special so they were almost free. You Earned $3.24 at Stop & ShopANY ITEM$0.25ORE-IDA® FRIES$2.99TOTAL$3.24I had gotten coupons from a friend so I used them too. I used $5 off $25, $2 off $5 meat and free waffles.We don't eat these kind of waffles so I gave them to my friend that gave me the coupons. My total at Stop & Shop was $23.54. I also got $3.24 from Ibotta but I don't count that money until I cash out. 

Next up was ShopRite. For whatever reason I was able to get a different size bag of fries there as well from Ibotta.

The PB was $1.99 each, Poptarts were $1.77 each, fries were $3, diced tomatoes were $1 each and plum tomatoes were $1.33. Total at ShopRite was $15.62. I got $11.20 from Ibotta. I got t…

My Frugal List: Week of July 9, 2018

The kids have made it to our friends in Venice. They are being spoiled! They were able to celebrate the Festa Del Redentore last night. Our friends took them out on a boat to watch all of the fireworks and eat dinner. They may never want to come home.
At home, Hubby and I have been busy. I worked 4 days this week and stayed longer on one day. My paycheck will be a good one. I have been doing all of the household chores myself. The kids usually do chores but since they are away, it's all me. I have been doing some short cuts on cooking.
I have been eating lots of salad thanks to all of the lettuce from the garden. I have pulled out several single serve serving of soups from the freezer. Hubby had some chili that was in the freezer too. I fried a bunch of chicken cutlets that became multiple dinners. We have been eating leftover frozen pancakes and waffles as well as bagels that were frozen from my son's job. PB&J as well as hard  boiled eggs have been eaten for easy lunches. …

Friday Freebies

My kids are in Italy with my sister on a free to us trip. We should all be so lucky to have an Aunt that likes to take you with her while traveling. 

I picked up free ice cream from Stop & Shop this week. I have never had this brand before but free is for me. If I don't like it I will put some toppings on it and take one for the team. The sacrifices I am willing to make to prevent food waste. You should all follow my example. 

I got 2 bags of pet food from Petco. I used my card and my sister's card to get them. Thank you to The Jewish Lady blog for posting it. I saw it on her blog and ran and got them. They were $22.99 a bag. I did have to pay tax (thanks NY). They are 4 pounds each, so they will be great for when we travel.

I signed up for the summer reading club at my library. They gave out reusable shopping bags. I also picked up 3 books and 6 DVDs for Hubby and me. 

Hubby returned something that he didn't need to Harbor Freight and bought another tool. He got this brus…

Thank You & You're Welcome

For those of you that don't know, I work at a movie theater. I am a secretary and I work at guest services also. I see lots of people everyday. Some are regulars that come every week or even multiply times a week. They range from kids (home schooled) to seniors. I answer questions, help return and swap tickets, answer phones and help if there is a problem. I was talking to another employee about people saying thank you. Most people don't say it. Whether they are in a rush to get to their movie, or feel that since I am a paid employee that I don't deserve thanks, I'm not really sure why. Unless it is a senior citizen. 95% of the time they say thank you.

 I was raised to say thank you and I raised my kids to say thank you. I even have a look that I give them when they may need to be reminded.  If I need a rain check from the customer desk at the super market, I say thank you. When I get my oil changed, I say thank you. When I go to the dentist, I say thank you. I don'…

Adding to my Pantry

I got some free dog food to add to our pantry. I make most of Oreo's food but I add a 1/4 cup of kibble to it. This will last a while. They are smaller bags which are great for when we travel.

I was running low on tissues so I went to the Dollar Tree. That is all I bought! I didn't really even look around. Total was $10.87.

I went to Aldi for our weekly shopping. Overall I feel they have the lowest everyday prices. Strawberries were 99¢ each, eggs were 97¢ a dozen, butter was $2.04 a pound. My total for Aldi was $37.96. 

Stop & Shop had chicken drumsticks and thighs on sale for 69¢ a pound so I stopped after work. I got a little over 12 pounds. They didn't really have anything that I wanted on marked downs. I did find buns for 66¢ clearance so I put those in the freezer for burgers one night. I also got my Friday freebie of ice cream. Stop & Shop total was $9.05.

 I also stopped at Meat Farms on my way to work to get more grapes. They were on sale for $1.99 a pound. I …

My Frugal list: Week of July 2, 2018

The kids are off in Italy having an amazing time with my sister. We are talking everyday because that's how I roll. I like my kids and I like to talk to them. They are sending me lots of amazing photos and videos. I am so happy that they are able to do this with their aunt. I hope they get to travel the world throughout their lives. There are some amazing places and sights that are beyond our imagination.

They are currently in Sorrento. They did a cruise to Capri and went to Pompei. They are trying new foods and learning so much. 

Back here in the USA, we are up to our usual stuff.  I have been trying to cook less but it is not easy. I process our groceries when I buy them so that it is easier for me when it is time to cook. Most packages are made with 4 people in mind with enough for some leftovers. It has been nice because I am not cooking everyday. Good thing Hubby and I don't mind leftovers. Before the kids left I had BBQ a chicken. I used the leftovers to make chicken noodl…