Friday Freebies

We got a great freebie this week. It is one of the best we have ever gotten. Hubby's boss gave us a generator! We have been wanting one since Super Storm Sandy but just haven't gotten to it. There was always something that was needed more. His boss got a new bigger generator and offered his older one to us FREE of charge. He even dropped it off at our house. We are so grateful for it. Now I don't have to worry about all of the storms that are coming this week. Hubby went and got gas for it right away since we have several snow storms headed our way.

My sister sent a GF food box to youngest daughter. It was very sweet of her. The only problem was everything wasn't GF. My sister was P*****! She called the company.  How can you claim to do GF and then send a kid items that have wheat in them? My son was happy to eat them. 

My son keeps bringing home lots of free carbs. Egg sandwiches on sour dough bread are amazing. 

We have also been getting my free bagel everyday. 

Staples …

Homemade Juice

Have you ever made homemade juice? it is so much better then the stuff you buy in the store. We have had a juicer for about 10 years. My first one I bought from a friend's garage sale. It was small and would take a long time to make a quart of juice. My sister gave us our current juicer as an anniversary present a few years ago. It is so much faster and works better.

I always look at the marked down rack at the store. Apples have been plentiful lately. They usually cost $1.59 for about 3-4 pounds of apples. They are usually a mixed pack which we like for our juice. 

We also like to put carrots into our juice for an extra boost of vitamins. This batch was 15 apples and 4 carrots. So it cost about $3 to make. 

I wash, core and slice everything. 

I usually stop 2 times to clean the pulp out. 

We end up with the best juice. I use old OJ containers to store it in the fridge. It is usually gone in a few days. 

I have added grapes, pears, or peaches. If a piece of fruit needs to be used it get…

My Frugal List Week of January 7, 2109

It is a new year so I want to try to get everything organized. I have been going through everything in the kitchen. It will take time to get through the whole house, so I started where I spend a lot of time. Do you have a junk drawer? We do. It is where everything seems to get tossed. I cleaned that sucker out. It looks amazing. I don't know how 6 pairs of scissors ended up there but it explains why I can never find a pair.  I know it won't last long but I am so happy with it right now.

Then I cleaned out the cabinet underneath it. It holds my oils, vinegars and such. This one was pretty easy. I did several other cabinets throughout the week. It is easy to just do one cabinet at a time. I am very happy with my progress. Lots of stuff was donated. 

My ice machine stopped working. It is no longer under warranty. It had been replaced while it still was covered and it has always had problems. The one time the workman came, he made a mess, made me empty my fridge and the problem was …

January 2019 Goals

Welcome 2019! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. January is cold here in NY. My outside activities are limited so I have upped my vitamin D intake. 

- Put 15% into retirement.  - Grocery Budget of $400 average for the year. - List 20 new items on eBay and Craigslist.
- Make $250 side hustle - Go over our budget with Hubby - Go over the kids budgets with each of them.
- YD apply for scholarships. 
- Go to scholarship meeting at HS
Family - Go on a date with Hubby
- Go prom dress shopping with YD
- Facetime with OD every week.
- Hubby go for physical
- Visit my aunt and have her go through the yarn

Personal - Work out 15 minutes everyday - Read 2 books 
Food - Do one meatless meal a day. - Do one day a week with no meat at all.  - Try 2 new recipes.  - Get another pantry item to 6 months. - No food waste. 

- Clean out all of the kitchen cabinets.
- Clean out my closet 
- Redo laundry area
Did you set any goals for January?

Oreo Got Hurt

She is OK and that is the most important thing. We are not sure exactly what she did to herself but she started limping Monday night. I checked her paw to make sure there was nothing in it. Hubby and I decided to block the stairs and have her sleep on the first floor. She usually sleeps in our room. Hubby brought down her bed to the living room. In the middle of the night she did a loud yelp. You have to step on her for her to yelp so it was very strange. Hubby and I flew down the stairs to check on her. She was in pain and didn't want to put her foot down. We got her to lay down and I got ice on her leg. I wasn't sure if it was her paw, leg or shoulder. She finally went back to sleep and I did too. 

YD is the first to get up and I heard her walking around. 2 minutes later Oreo let out another huge yelp. I ran down the stairs and she was in the kitchen. She had an accident on the floor and wanted to go outside. We have one little step out the back door and she had no problem ge…

Friday Freebies

I received a generous Shop Rite gift card for Christmas. I went last Friday to get a few things. 

The meat manager was marking meat down, so I hung around to see what was a good deal. I got 2 packages of Italian sausage, 1 hot and 1 sweet. They ended up being $1.74 a pound. I also got YD 2 boxes of GF snacks that she can try. Everything was on sale except for the milk. Just because I have free money to spend doesn't mean I want to waste it. 

We did dinner on Saturday at my sister's house to celebrate my Dad's birthday. I cam home with some jars that my mom passed along. 

 My mom had gotten a $10 reward to JCPenny's and used it on my son.  He can wear these type of socks to work. 

My sister sent us home with leftovers. My mom gave me another container of donuts that I love too. 

My son brought goodies home from work twice. I was sleeping one night so I didn't get a picture.

We have also been getting the free bagel everyday.

I went to breakfast with a bunch of girlfriends o…

Food Costs for 2018

One of my goals for 2018 was to cut my grocery budget. That includes food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and paper products. Oreo has her own budget so none of her stuff is in there. Also all medications are in the medical budget.  I had set a goal of $400 a month. I was doing really well until about October when we learned my youngest daughter has a gluten intolerance. GF food is not cheap. 

We ended up spending $5190.55 for the year. That comes to $432.54 a month. So I went over by $390.55.  This is for 4 adults. That comes to $108.13 a person per month. With 3 people with different food issues, I think we did really well. We like to eat and we eat really well. No one in this house is deprived. My waist line can attest to that. 

According to the USDA, my family is far below the thrifty plan. For a family of 4 they say that we should be spending around $700. So as long as I stay below the thrifty plan, I am happy. 

I did manage to add a lot to my food pantry this year. I would like to …