Freebie Alert

Yankee Candle has a rare coupon out. It is good March 23 and 24. $10 off $10 purchase. This coupon only happens once a year. 1 per person. Hubby, the kids and I will be running to get these. We love their candles and air fresheners. If you have one near by, go check it out. Let me know what you get.

These votive candles are $2 each. They were free after the coupon. Got lots of different scents. Hubby and YD got them too. My son is going to go after work.

Did you get any?

Friday Freebies

We have been cleaning our basement out the past few months. It is an unfinished cellar and part crawl space. We do not have a garage. Hubby wanted it cleaned out so he could have more room for projects. He made a list of items/tools he would like to get over the next few years. I love looking at Craigslist and Nextdoor at their free sections. A man posted an old band saw. He had taken it apart to replace a part and he never got it working again. I quickly called Hubby to see if he wanted it. He did. We picked it up after work that night and my son helped him get it in the basement when he got off of work. Hubby had it up and running perfectly in a few hours. It is very helpful to have a handy hubby and YouTube. 1 item off the list for free. 

My son keeps us well supplied with bread . We used the bread for pizza, egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches, french toast casserole and sausage and peppers. We gave several loaves away and several are still in the freezer. 

He also brought home p…

College Costs

As I have said many times before, Hubby and I are debt free except for our mortgage. Youngest daughter is graduating high school this year and will be starting college in the fall. We are doing everything in our power to make sure she doesn't have student loans when she graduates.

We did not set up an 529 account when she was born. Wish we had but I can't go back in time. She did receive a small inheritance from my grandparents when they died so she does have that. When we were paying all of our debts off, we were focused on that and not saving for college. Then we built up our emergency fund. Our son started college around that time so we cashed flowed that. Our emergency fund is now fully funded. Next was our retirement. We started putting 15% of our income into retirement. It made the cash flow tighter but seeing our numbers go up is wonderful. I don't want to be a burden on my kids when I am old. 

Our son took a semester off from school to figure out what he wants to do.…

My Frugal List: Week of March 11, 2019

Hubby and I celebrated our 26 wedding anniversary this week. He took the day off and we went to our favorite restaurant for lunch. They started doing a lunch special for $19 a person M-F 11-2:30 so we went during that time. You get an appetizer and a main dish. 

Hubby got his favorite appetizer, Black pepper bacon. It is $18 on the menu by itself. I did steal a taste. 

He then got the baby spinach salad with grilled salmon as his meal. He loved it. 

I got the wedge salad to start off with. Yummy!

My main meal was the french dip with a side of duck fat fries. I shared the fries with Hubby because he loves them. I brought half of my sandwich home and ate it the next day for lunch. 

We were stuffed so we didn't order dessert. When the waiter brought the bill he surprised us with a trio of gelato. The chocolate was the best gelato I have ever had. They make them all in house. I though it was very sweet of them. We had to eat them, it would have been rude not to.

The restaurant is on Main St…

1 Year Blogging Anniversary

A year ago I started blogging. I didn't know if anyone out there would be interested in what I had to say. Since a bunch of you have hung around and visit me regularly, I guess you do. It has been a learning process for sure. Hubby helps with the IT part so that makes my life much easier. Thanks for sticking around. I love chatting with all of you. Lets see where year 2 takes me. 

My five favorite posts this year were:

#5 Free Donuts. Who wouldn't love a box of free donuts. 

#4 Do you have a budget? Hubby and I really believe that a budget can help everyone with their finances. 

#3 Cost of foods according to the USDA Our groceries/household items for 2018 averaged a little over $400 a month. So we are on the super thrifty plan. 

#2 I Quit My Job! I am loving being home full time. 

#1 Welcome to the family. Have you met my granddogger Ruby? She is a beauty.

5 things you might not know about me:

1. I have blue eyes. They are my best feature in my opinion. 

2. I have 4 sisters and no brot…

Old dogs can learn new tricks...

My sister gave Oreo this toy last year. She has not been able to figure it out. I tried. Hubby tried. YD and my son tried. So we usually kick it and Oreo gets a random treat. Well my son took about a half hour with Oreo trying to teach her again the other day. Now she knows how to do it. She loves it. Oreo is 13 years old. Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks.

Friday Freebies

My parents came to visit over the weekend. My mom had gotten this blender on clearance with a coupon for free. She asked me if I wanted it. I took it for me or one of the kids. Never bad to have a backup. 
My mom made oatmeal cookies for my son and chocolate chip cookies for me. We enjoyed them. 

She found these napkins clearance for 10¢ each. They don't have a year on them so they will be great for YD's graduation this year. She wouldn't take the 40¢ for them. Thanks Mom.

She also gave me 2 jars that I will be able to use for homemade jam this summer.

My little sister and mom gave me their dog food coupons. Oreo is very grateful. Now I just have to get to the store and get them. 

My little sister sent YD face masks that she got 90% off. Aunts are the best.

I got free coffee in the mail with a coupon. My son liked them. Thankfully he isn't very picky about his coffee. 

A magazine for Hubby came in the mail. We will pass it on when he is done with it. 

CVS had vitamins on sale …