Things that are making me HAPPY!

My kids are coming home tonight. I cannot wait. I have missed them so much. They are going to be super tired and want to sleep but I am going to kiss them lots anyway. They have had an amazing adventure. I am so grateful to my sister for taking them to Italy. They got to see old friends and make new ones. I cannot wait to see all of the pictures. The ones they have sent are amazing. 

Free Money! I found this $20 bill under a bush in a parking lot. Hubby says I can spot free money a mile away. I feel bad for whoever lost it but I am happy that I am the one who found it. Into the driveway fund you go. 

Foraging. There is a plot of land a block from my house. It has raspberry bushes on it. I went after work today to see if they are ready and they are. I picked 1/2 a pound. They are very small this year. Maybe because of the high temps. I'm not really sure. They are delicious. I will be going the next few days to see if more are ready. I'm hoping to get more. Free food is for me. 

My Hubby. We have been together since I was 17 even though I had known him before that (he was friends with my oldest sister). We got married when I was 18 and he really is my best friend. He still makes me laugh every day.  We went to a farmers market, grabbed lunch, went for a walk and watched a movie at home.  It was a great day, just the 2 of us. Want to know one of the best gifts he ever gave me, The Complete Tightwad Gazette that he got for free and wrapped in comics from the newspaper. I love that he knows me so well. 

Bartering! I trade every year with a friend. I give her lots of veggies from my garden and she gives me honey that she barters with her neighbor for. I definitely think I make out on the deal. I gave her 3 heads of lettuce, and a bunch of different peppers this time. I got 2 jars of yummy Long Island honey. To buy these locally I would pay $15 a jar. 

What is making you HAPPY today? 


  1. In Canada, money is made of polymer which makes it easier to slip out of pockets. I have found $80 in $20's over the last year. A guy I know found a $50 bill. I have also lost $40 out of my coat pocket(making me feel less bad for finding 20's ;)). Gotta love finding money :)

  2. Hi Mcoia and how great your children are coming home and what a wonderful experience they have had. The honey looks lovely and rather unrefined which is the way I like it as more of the goodness is in it.

    Today I am happy that we have free dental care for low income earners in Australia and I just went and had my teeth checked and will go back in just over a month to have them cleaned. I am also very happy we have had some light rain today to dampen the ground and partially water the gardens as we are in drought here.


    1. My kids are home. I can't stop hugging them. That is great that you have free dental coverage. We have good coverage that we pay for through Hubby's job.

  3. Finally finding just the right gift for my brother's birthday (it was in May). I not only wanted the right gift but I wanted it as inexpensively as possible. Since he is 60, he didn't have the "I can't wait for you to find it cheap" in him. He has a lot of patience.


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