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Things that are making me happy...

1. OD and her fiance booked a wedding venue. They are getting married next July! Time to get busy with everything because it will be here before we know it. I can't believe my little girl is getting married.  2. The garden is doing great. It is the season of the never ending kale. I cannot give it away fast enough. I need to find more recipes to use it up. I have frozen so much. Peppers are doing good still. We are eating them often.  3. A husband who loves to cook. Hubby smoked chicken and ribs on Sunday. We had leftovers for days so I didn't have to cook several nights.  4. The birds are so pretty. They have been eating some of my raspberries but I am willing to share. They go between the bird feeder and the raspberries. I have been changing their water  several times a day.  5. Good friends. My girlfriend went to Hawaii and brought me back chocolate. It is so good.  What is making you happy today?