Friday Freebies October 18, 2019

My son started his new job last week. They ordered him uniforms. This Monday he was given 11 uniforms (shirts and pants). At my old job all I got was 2 shirts. I had to beg for a 3rd. 

Some friends and I met for breakfast at Panera. I had a free pastry on my card so I got a cinnamon roll. I also used the $3 gift card I got last week from Verizon. You have to use the whole $3 in one transaction so I got 3 bagels. I ate one there, gave one to my friend and brought one home. 

I picked up a freebie from Stop N Shop. We wont eat it so Hubby brought it to work and one of his coworkers ate it. 

YD has food credits at college. It is a weekly use it or lose it system. Every Wednesday she goes to the market and uses any extra credits that she has. This week she got 3 boxes of cereal. She had eaten at some free events this week because it is homecoming this weekend. She will be doing the same thing this week. She has quite a pile of food stashed by doing this every week. We are visiting her soon an…

October Garbage Update

I am trying to do a No Waste October. We went away for a few days and that made it a little harder. 

My first complaint is junk mail. A lot of it can be recycled but not this plastic card. They email me the same coupons so why do they have to mail them also. Drives me crazy. There was more junk mail that went into the garbage as well. 

On vacation I brought some single serve snacks. 

They can't be recycled.

Do you see a theme here? Chocolate. I try not to buy single serve snacks often for this reason but clearance candy is a weakness. 

Next up is meat packaging. 

There were more but my hands were a mess so I didn't get pictures. I don't want to touch my phone with raw chicken on my hands. 

While we were away, the store only had potatoes in this bag or individually wrapped. 

Friday Freebies October 11, 2019

We went away with my sister for 4 days in upstate NY. We stayed at her friend's beautiful lake house. We bought them a thank you gift but that was all it cost for lodging. It was a very inexpensive trip. 

The check for YD's scholarship came and it went right back into the college fund. 

I got my free Starkist tuna. 

I used a free item coupon for B&BW. It will go into someone's stocking. 

When I left the mall, there was a mall stroller on the way to my car. No one was around and there was a bag in it. I guess when the person picked up the child, they left the bag behind. The perfume went into my gift stash. 

I gave my neighbor some of the apples we picked and some tomatoes from my garden. She got us cupcakes as a thank you. 

My sister dropped Lip off and some food items too. 

I earned 2 gift cards from Verizon up. 

Adding to my Pantry: October 9, 2019

We went to upstate NY for part of last week. We wanted to enjoy all of the beautiful fall colors and activities. This will be what I have gotten the last 2 weeks. 

I bought 4 pumpkins from Aldi. They were on sale for $2.99 each. I will cook them up after Halloween. 

Vegetable oil was on sale for $3.49 each, limit 2 so I grabbed them. 

Whole peeled tomatoes were marked down to 21¢ each. I bought all of them. 

Soups were marked down to 67¢. I only grabbed 2 for my son since I don't know if he will like them. I can't eat them because of the sodium and Hubby can't have them because they contain dairy. 

Whole chickens were on sale with a coupon for 69¢ a pound, limit 2. 

Pepsi was on sale for 77¢, limit 4. We host Thanksgiving so I got them early. 

Taco kits were on the marked down rack. We love tacos. 

They were $1.24 each. If the shells are broken, I will make a taco salad with them.