July 2019 Goals

The first week is already done and I am only posting this now. Sorry. Lets see what is happening in July hopefully. 

- Put 15% into retirement.  - Grocery Budget of $500 average for the year.  - Go over our budget with Hubby - Go over the kid's budgets with each of them.
- Pay home owners insurance
- Put all of my income in college savings
Family - Celebrate YD's birthday - Visit OD - Go wedding dress shopping with OD - OD coming home for bridal shower  - Talk with OD at least 5 times a week. - YD go to Freshman orientation - Visit friends at their beach house
- Make a movie basket for church party
Personal - Go for walks every other day - Read 2 books  - Send 2 cards to loved ones
- Volunteer at church party
- Have physical and blood work done
- ENT checkup

Food - Do one meatless meal a day. - Do one day a week with no meat at all.  - Try 2 new recipes.  - Get another pantry item to 6 months. - No food waste. 

Cleaning - Defrost downstairs freezer and organize it
Garden/ Yard - Plant string beans
- …

My Garden July 7, 2019

I have been in my house for almost 20 years and have been gardening longer then that. I always helped my dad since I was little. When I lived in an apartment I would help him and get veggies in return. This year, gardening has been very interesting. Every year is different and this year has been crazy different. I couldn't plant most things until mid June because of all of the rain. Even planting then, I lost a bunch of my tomato plants. 

My herbs however don't mind all of the rain. They have been doing great. I have been drying lots for this winter and using loads fresh for cooking. 

I grow all of the herbs from seed usually. My son saw mints plants so we are trying them this year. They are in pots on the patio far from the garden. 

I am growing several different types of peppers, some hot and some sweet.

 Some of the plants are very large with small peppers, 

some are very small plants with large peppers, 

While others are very large plants and they have tiny little peppers with …

Friday Freebies

The peas are growing like crazy. I think this year is my best year ever for them. They have been loving all of the rain. I wish the rest of the garden liked it as much.

I have been shucking them while I watch TV at night with Hubby. We have been using them in lots of meals. 

My basil and parsley are doing great too. I have be running the dehydrator a lot lately. Building up my supply to get me through the winter. I have givin several bags of kale away to friends as well as freeze more for us.

I earned a $5 CVS gift card from Lucky Day. 

I got a coupon for free dog food in the mail. 

I garbage picked a roll of wrapping paper. I don't remember the last time I bought wrapping paper. Why do people throw away full rolls? 

My Dad gave me a baby aloe plant when he came for the graduation. His big aloe plant keeps having babies. 

YD went to a graduation party and the mom sent cookies home for us.

Hubby's aunt and uncle are visiting from Italy. They brought us some presents.

June 2019 Goals Updated

June was crazy busy but we got so much done. The house looks amazing. We didn't get to do everything but we got more done then we thought we would. 

- Put 15% into retirement. Thanks 401KGrocery Budget of $500 average for the year. I spent $581. My monthly average is $510.37. We had the graduation party, OD and her boyfriend home for several days and several birthdays and Fathers day were celebrated. We would have spent much more eating out.  - Go over our budget with HubbyWe do this every month.  - Go over the kid's budgets with each of them.Did it.
- YD apply for scholarships.She applied to 3. This is a slow time for scholarships. - Go to Scholarship night at high school. We went and YD did wonderful. We are very proud of her. 
Family - Celebrate OD's birthday How is my baby 26? - YD Prom She looked beautiful, had a great time and came in under budget.  - YD Graduation She ranked 14th in her class. We are so proud.  - YD graduation party Over and done. It was hot out bu…

Kitchen Make Over

We have a large kitchen. There is the main part of the kitchen and then an extension. We bought it this way. Earlier this year, we redid the laundry/pantry area in the kitchen. It came out great. We wanted to redo the rest of the extension so we got to work. This is the before pictures. 

We had a microwave cart, small table and book shelf on this wall before. It always looked messy to me no matter what I did. 

The sliding door leading into the kitchen.

The octagon window is in the top picture too. 
We were having the siding done. My sister had given us a window when she was having her new house built. It was the wrong size for where she wanted it. We had the contractor put it in and replace the sliding doors. We had to work around the beams in the wall but it fit. 

He tore out the old window and put in the new one. 

Hubby and I then got to work. 

Hubby removed the baseboard heater and replaced it with a toe kick heater. We fixed all the holes in the walls, spackled and painted the walls and …

Youngest Daughter Graduated!

It has been a wonderful crazy week. Youngest daughter graduated from high school. We are so proud of her. She was 14th in her class of over 500 kids. She received several medals at the ceremony. She worked very hard and it really showed. 
She had prom the night before graduation and had a wonderful time. We got a great deal on her dress months ago. It was less then a $100. She wore shoes that she had. My girlfriend did her hair for free(she refused to take money) as YD's gift. She did her own make up and nails. She looked stunning. I did splurge and get her a corsage. She loved it. We went to a pre-prom party at her friend's house to take photos. The parents had food for all of us which I thought was really nice of them. She brought home one of the centerpieces. It was a light up lantern with lots of balloons attached. She then went to a different friend's house after and went swimming and slept over. We were all very tired.  ]
During all of this, Ruby, OD and her fiance came…

Friday Freebies

I sold another fridge that I picked up on college move out day. Several people texted me and then don't get back to me. I had several no shows. This gentlemen texted me, asked a few questions and came over that night. I wish all buyers were this good. 

The garden is doing good. The peas and kale are loving all of this rain. I wish I could say the same about the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. 

I have been picking about a pound a day of peas. We have been snacking on them raw, they are so yummy. 

I have also sauted them with oil and pepper a few times. 

Last weeks freebie from Stop & Shop was oat milk. We have never had it before. I will let you know what we think of it when we open it. I will use it in baking if we don't like it. 

Another friend gave me her coupon for free Coconut bars. Hubby should have no problem getting through the summer with all of them. 

I went to lunch with a friend and used a bonus card from Panera.

My neighbor gave me 2 more blocks of cheese. They were …