Adding to my Pantry: November 17, 2019

I have been cooking up our pumpkins. I have 7 containers in the freezer and a bunch more pumpkins to still cook. 

I bought several packages of marked down peppers. I chopped them up and froze them to use over the winter when pepper prices go up. 

Chicken cutlets were on sale for $1.99. I bought several packs and broke them up into meal size baggies. 

I bought a container of dried milk at Walmart. I like to always have a container on hand. With all of the holiday baking coming up now was a good time to get it. 

Brownie mixes were on sale for 77¢ each with a limit of 8. 

Cold medicine for less then a $1 is a great price. That went into my medical supplies. 

Barley and lentils were on sale again. We will always use them in soups. 

Goya dry peas were on sale for $1 each. 

Friday Freebies November 8, 2019

Last weekend Hubby and I went to Maryland to visit our daughters. We stayed at a hotel right near the college. We got a free room upgrade. We were moved to the concierge level. It included free breakfast, free drinks, snacks and a lite dinner. I had brought food for breakfast so I gave some to my daughter and brought the rest home. We are happy to eat free breakfasts. One night we went to the free dinner. There was plenty of food for us to call it dinner. It included hummus and chips, veggies, cheese platter, ravioli, chicken skewers and fruit. I had grilled chicken cutlets at home and brought them with us for dinner. YD was happy to take them to her dorm since we didn't eat them.  

We stopped in several times a day to grab drinks and a snack. 

I also brought home the extra toiletries. 

YD gave me her large pumpkin that she had gotten when she went pumpkin picking with friends. I brought it home and cooked it up. 

We went to the mall with the girls. Hubby and I got free samples. We at…

Friday Freebies for the end of October

Sorry I haven't been around a lot lately. We have been busy. We went to Massachusetts last weekend to visit Hubby's family. His cousin had surgery and his uncle can't travel so we went to visit them. 

His Aunt G spoils Hubby. She made him a pasta pie. She does when ever we see her. He loves them. 

She gave me these 2 kitchen towels that she makes to use for Christmas. She made matching pot holders with them. I love them. We ate all meals with his family so we didn't have to pay for any. We did bring some gifts and wine for them. 

The garden is still giving me goodies. The kale is back. I picked my first batch yesterday. It went right into the freezer. 

P gives me his older fruit that he isn't going to eat. I froze them for smoothies. 

I went to the bank and took 2 lollipops for P. He loves candy but shouldn't have a lot. 

P treated me to lunch. I brought home half of my salad and my son took it to work the next day. His boss treated him to lunch at work one day also.…

Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Apple cider vinegar is easy to make you just need to make it in advance of when you need it because it does take a while.


* apple scraps (cores and peels)
* 2 cups of filtered or bottled water
* 2 Tablespoons of cane sugar


I use a sterilized quart jar. Fill the jar 3/4 of the way with the apple scraps. Dissolve the sugar into the water. Pour the water over the apple scraps into the jar. Make sure the scraps are completely submerged. If they are not they will mold. Use something on top to keep them submerged. I use a shot glass or glass bowl. Take a coffee filter and put it over the top. Use a canning ring or a rubber band to keep it in place. It needs air so do not put a solid cover on top. Date the coffee filter if you are going to do more then one batch. Store in a dark place that it will not get knocked over. After 4 weeks, strain the apple pieces out. Put them into the compost. Cover the jar again with a coffee filter and put it back into a dark place.  Once…

Friday Freebies October 18, 2019

My son started his new job last week. They ordered him uniforms. This Monday he was given 11 uniforms (shirts and pants). At my old job all I got was 2 shirts. I had to beg for a 3rd. 

Some friends and I met for breakfast at Panera. I had a free pastry on my card so I got a cinnamon roll. I also used the $3 gift card I got last week from Verizon. You have to use the whole $3 in one transaction so I got 3 bagels. I ate one there, gave one to my friend and brought one home. 

I picked up a freebie from Stop N Shop. We wont eat it so Hubby brought it to work and one of his coworkers ate it. 

YD has food credits at college. It is a weekly use it or lose it system. Every Wednesday she goes to the market and uses any extra credits that she has. This week she got 3 boxes of cereal. She had eaten at some free events this week because it is homecoming this weekend. She will be doing the same thing this week. She has quite a pile of food stashed by doing this every week. We are visiting her soon an…

October Garbage Update

I am trying to do a No Waste October. We went away for a few days and that made it a little harder. 

My first complaint is junk mail. A lot of it can be recycled but not this plastic card. They email me the same coupons so why do they have to mail them also. Drives me crazy. There was more junk mail that went into the garbage as well. 

On vacation I brought some single serve snacks. 

They can't be recycled.

Do you see a theme here? Chocolate. I try not to buy single serve snacks often for this reason but clearance candy is a weakness. 

Next up is meat packaging. 

There were more but my hands were a mess so I didn't get pictures. I don't want to touch my phone with raw chicken on my hands. 

While we were away, the store only had potatoes in this bag or individually wrapped.