At 7 am Saturday morning a truck came and dropped of 8 yards of topsoil. Then Hubby, the kids and I got to work. It was a beautiful day out, sunny and 60 degrees. Perfect for hard labor. We have a wheel barrel and a garden wagon that can dump. 4 shovels in hand and off we went. 

We had several trees taken down a few years ago. Then 2 years ago we had the driveway done. Last year we had the siding on the house done. Time to fix the lawn. We have lots of dips in the front and back yard from all of the work. I am a little clumsy and have fallen several times in them. We were able to level out the front yard and fill in the holes in the back yard. The back yard has a large hill so it will never be level but it is more of a gentle slope now. Some places didn't get dirt because they didn't need it. 

We ordered pizza since I was too tired to cook. After dinner Hubby spread grass seed everywhere. Today it is raining lightly.  It was hard work but we got it done and honestly what else do we have to do. By the way, today I am grateful for ibuprofen because I am sore. 


  1. I fall into holes in the yard. Well, I fall because of them, not exactly into. Glad you are getting it even.

    1. I am the only one that does it. I have very poor balance to begin with so I guess that is why.

  2. When my husband gets his hip surgery, we plan to get a lot of nice soil to amend the garden. Right now, we are getting bags that I or the girls can handle carrying. It works, but a nice, large pile of dirt is in my future one of these days! Looks great!!


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