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Adding to my Pantry: November 17, 2019

I have been cooking up our pumpkins. I have 7 containers in the freezer and a bunch more pumpkins to still cook.  I bought several packages of marked down peppers. I chopped them up and froze them to use over the winter when pepper prices go up.  Chicken cutlets were on sale for $1.99. I bought several packs and broke them up into meal size baggies.  I bought a container of dried milk at Walmart. I like to always have a container on hand. With all of the holiday baking coming up now was a good time to get it.  Brownie mixes were on sale for 77¢ each with a limit of 8.  Cold medicine for less then a $1 is a great price. That went into my medical supplies.  Barley and lentils were on sale again. We will always use them in soups.  Goya dry peas were on sale for $1 each.  Soups were on sale for 88¢ if you bought 10. I had $1 off 5 so they were even less. I like to keep them on hand for when we get sick or easy meals. 

Friday Freebies November 8, 2019

Last weekend Hubby and I went to Maryland to visit our daughters. We stayed at a hotel right near the college. We got a free room upgrade. We were moved to the concierge level. It included free breakfast, free drinks, snacks and a lite dinner. I had brought food for breakfast so I gave some to my daughter and brought the rest home. We are happy to eat free breakfasts. One night we went to the free dinner. There was plenty of food for us to call it dinner. It included hummus and chips, veggies, cheese platter, ravioli, chicken skewers and fruit. I had grilled chicken cutlets at home and brought them with us for dinner. YD was happy to take them to her dorm since we didn't eat them.   We stopped in several times a day to grab drinks and a snack.  I also brought home the extra toiletries.  YD gave me her large pumpkin that she had gotten when she went pumpkin picking with friends. I brought it home and cooked it up.  We went to the mall with the gi