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$100 Grocery Challenge: 3rd week of January

I ended last week at $100.53. I have upped my amount to $150. Let's see what I got this week. I went to BJ's and got milk, soy milk and bananas. We eat a lot of bananas.  I went to Meat Farms later in the week. More bananas, other fruit and veggies. Hubby asked for OJ. I bought the bread because we had pasta and meatballs for dinner.  My total was $12.35. Total for the month is at $125.54.  I made sausage and peppers. My son wanted it on pasta so that is what I did. I used peppers that I had frozen over the summer.  I made a pot of sauce and Hubby made his meatballs, putting the ground beef that I got on sale to good use. I forgot to take a picture. These 2 containers went into the freezer for future easy meals.  I made chicken rice soup. I was sweating the veggies first. We had tacos, breakfast for dinner, chili from the freezer and leftovers throughout the week. We had steal cut oats for breakfast several days

A Bookshelf

Outside of youngest daughter's bedroom is an odd space. I wish I had taken a picture before she had cleaned it out. There was a small bookshelf, a small dresser and a box of art supplies. It was a cluttered mess.  We recently got a new to us dining room set. Hubby said the old table top would make great shelves.  So he got to work.  We already had the baskets.  YD put her art supplies in them.  We even made a shelf of just Harry Potter.  It sure is nice having a handy husband. We were able to get rid of 3 bookshelves from this one project. All hubby needed to buy was a piece of the support. Everything else we already had. 

$100 grocery Challenge: 2nd week of January

I was at $19.45 from last  week . Let's see how I did this week.  I ran to Stop and Shop for a few items. I had some good digital coupons that I wanted to use. The Kind bar was free. The sugar was 19¢. Total spent at Stop and Shop was $5.35. I was making a chick pea salad and ran out of Oregano. Hubby was out at the time so I asked him to stop at Dollar Tree. He got english muffins too. $2 spent at Dollar Tree. I stopped at Dollar Tree later in the week. We were running low on tissues. I got a few other things while I was there.  I spent $15.95.  I went to Aldi's for eggs and fruit. This is where I went off track.  I bought 32+ pounds of  ground beef . I spent $38.36 on it. Eggs were 96¢ a dozen. The cheeses were $1.99 each. The bananas were $1.17. Milk was $2.89. Potatoes were 4.29. Oranges were $2.29. The onions apparently didn't ring in. I didn't notice until I was home. Total spent was $57.78. I did get 2 free c

I Have a Confession...

I am addicted to food shopping! There I said it. I love food shopping. I love matching coupons with sales. I love going through the clearance racks. I love checking every department to see what is marked down when all I needed is bread.  I went to Aldi for eggs. They are on sale for 96¢ a dozen this week. I also wanted to get some fruit and veggies. Aldi is on my way home from work so it isn't out of the way. I made the mistake of looking at the meat department. I saw lots of red mark down stickers. If you shop at Aldi, you know them. They put them on the items that they want to get rid of soon. Well, the next thing I know, I am checking out with 32 pounds of ground beef.  Each pack had $7 off in coupons. They all were priced at a little over $13.  I got 35.27 pounds of ground beef for $38.36. That comes to $1.18 a pound. I couldn't help myself. I am supposed to be doing a $100 grocery challenge. That isn't going to happen, so I am going to try to stay

Goals for 2020

It is a new year so we have some new goals. We always overshoot on some goals because then it becomes a challenge and I love a good challenge. Things get added as the year goes because life can be unpredictable. #1 Max out Hubby's 401K   We are allowed to put $19K in this and his company does a partial match. Looking long term here.  #2  Add to our Roth IRA We can add $6500 to this. Again looking long term here.  #3 Pay cash for OD's wedding  We have given her the budget that we can contribute. We have already paid for her dress, shoes and the DJ. We have money set aside already for the rest of this.  #4 Pay cash for bridal shower  I spoke with OD's future mother in law. I am doing a small shower on Long Island. She is doing a small shower in Maryland. We are going to both. It is easier for all of our families this way. #5 Pay cash for YD's college. This is already saved and ready to go.   #6 Get a newer car My minivan is a 2006. Hubby's truck is a 20

$100 Grocery Challenge: 1st week of January

Whenever I do a challenge like this, I immediately run out of something. I thought I had another Smart Balance in the freezer but I can't find it. I went to BJ's and spent $19.45 for the week. All of the prices are below.  We ate very well this week. I cooked a turkey that I bought before Thanksgiving for 39¢ a pound. It was a 16 pounder. We have gotten several meals out of it. It was the 4 of us and YD boyfriend. I brought a meal to a friend. She started working a second job so she doesn't have a lot of time to cook. I also brought a meal to the gentlemen I help.  Hubby sliced the breast meat very thin to use for sandwiches this week. I made stock from the bones and made a batch of turkey soup too. We ate some for dinner and some for lunch the next day. Again I brought some to the man I help. The rest of the turkey I froze for future meals.  Hubby was in the mood for chili so I made up a pot. We always put it on rice. 3 containers went into the

Happy New Year 2020

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year. Sorry for the long blog silence. All is well here, we have just been busy. Something had to give so I stopping blogging for a little while. Now that the holidays are over, I have more time. Hopefully I will be able to write more often.  2020 has lots of exciting things ahead. The biggest one being Oldest Daughter's wedding this summer. The venue is booked, the DJ and photographer are booked. The wedding dress is ordered and the first fitting is at the end of the month. YD already got her bridesmaid dress. We just found shoes so now we can take her for her fitting. I have looked at a few dresses but haven't found the one yet. Save the dates went out. My next project is planning the bridal shower. I am doing one in NY and OD's future MIL is doing one in Maryland. We think it will be easier that way.  Hubby and I made our budget for the year. We did great in 2019. We are paying for part of the wedding, for the bridal shower,