$100 grocery Challenge: 2nd week of January

I was at $19.45 from last week. Let's see how I did this week. 

I ran to Stop and Shop for a few items. I had some good digital coupons that I wanted to use. The Kind bar was free. The sugar was 19¢. Total spent at Stop and Shop was $5.35.

I was making a chick pea salad and ran out of Oregano. Hubby was out at the time so I asked him to stop at Dollar Tree. He got english muffins too. $2 spent at Dollar Tree.

I stopped at Dollar Tree later in the week. We were running low on tissues. I got a few other things while I was there. 

I spent $15.95. 

I went to Aldi's for eggs and fruit. This is where I went off track. 

I bought 32+ pounds of ground beef. I spent $38.36 on it. Eggs were 96¢ a dozen. The cheeses were $1.99 each. The bananas were $1.17. Milk was $2.89. Potatoes were 4.29. Oranges were $2.29. The onions apparently didn't ring in. I didn't notice until I was home. Total spent was $57.78. I did get 2 free carts that were in the parking lot. 

My total for shopping this week was 81.08. My total for the month is now $100.53. I know I will be buying more milk and veggies so I have allotted another $50. As long as I don't come across more amazing meat specials I should be fine. Our regular grocery budget is $500 so I will still be very happy with $150. 

How are you doing? Did you find any get clearance on food this week? 


  1. Great deals. Getting the meat was a no brainer - huge savings.

    1. Are you still staying out of the stores? Have you run out of anything yet?

  2. "I went off track at Aldi"...yeah, that's me too. When you see a good deal and it is on something you will be using regardless of the price (must eat no matter what), it is wise to buy more than one. I was once shopping at the grocery with a friend (who thinks she is money-wise but isn't), and something she buys every week was on a deep discount, a loss leader. She picked up one extra. I commented that she would be needing to buy it again in two weeks, and the item would not perish, she had plenty of pantry space and money, why not buy enough to last a while? Nope. She wouldn't hear it. Two weeks later she returned and bought the same item at the higher price. If you save only $1.00 on one item that you buy every week, that is $52 saved in one year!!!! That is money she lost.

    Now I will share my big savings for the week. As I was traveling this week, I stopped by a grocery store that was not close to my home - I noticed they had a good price on chicken advertised on their sign out front. As I walked through the produce aisle, they had boxes and boxes of sweet potatoes marked down to $.19 per pound!!!! Since my sweet potato harvest in my garden failed this year, I bought 4 of the forty pound boxes!!!! I have been canning them as fast as I can. I know they will last for 4 years without any deterioration if I use the reusable lids and store them in my dark, cool basement. I am very happy with my find.
    You too have done a great job on your good deals!

    1. That is a great find. We love sweet potatoes so I would have gotten them too.


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