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Friday Freebies

This is covering the last 2 weeks.YD and I had gone to the mall one day. She needed a bathing suit as hers from the last 2 years was too small. I had gotten $10 from Godiva for my birthday. We shared a chocolate shake and I got a candy bar. 

My In-laws had come over because my FIL needed help with his pressure washer. They had gone strawberry picking so brought us some. 

I had gone to my girlfriend's house for a Girl's Night and she gave me this vegan butter to take home for Hubby. 

We have picked 3 1/2 pounds of peas, lettuce and herbs from the garden so far.

A coworker of Hubby's gave these mats to him. 

I got freebies in the mail. The lip balms were from Kelloggs. 

My son brought home bread, bagels, souffles and pastries from work. 

Hubby and YD brought home goodies from the hotel. We always try to stay at hotels that give free breakfast. 

YD also got 2 free t-shirts and 2 cinch sacks from colleges they visited. 
Did you get any freebies this week? 

Adding to my Pantry

Sorry I missed last week. I was really bad with vertigo and barely got out of bed at all. This will cover the last 2 weeks. Sorry about lack of pictures but my son did some of the shopping this week and didn't take pictures. Sorry also about no receipts. My brain is still foggy from the medicine to do math. 

The garden has been doing great. My son picked a bunch of peas when I was sick and I picked them when I wasn't. I love them sauted with olive oil and garlic. We have been really enjoying them. I also love them plain. We have picked about 3 pounds so far.

My son brought home a new kind of bread from work. They were trying it out on the employees. I will happily try free bread. We really enjoyed it. He also brought home bagels, cookies, pastries and souffles but he didn't take pictures.

Before I got sick, my YD had requested pepperoni and hubby (who was still on soft foods) requested sweet potatoes. We bought 4 but the other 3 were on the BBQ. The feta was on sale for $1.50…

My Frugal List: Week of June 18, 2018

It was a very long week. I have been sick with horrible vertigo. It started over 3 years ago and sometimes gets unbearable. I am very thankful for my husband and kids for taking such good care of me. When it is bad, I can't do anything. Just getting through the day is hard enough. I am doing much better but still not 100%. Plans got shifted and I had to call out from work. Everyone got fed even if it wasn't what was planned.

My youngest daughter is finally finished with school for the year. She did help out with the graduation at the high school as my son was able to drive her. She also attended several graduation parties that my son and Hubby drove her too. I had preplanned and bought several cards at Dollar Tree for 2 for $1 so she just had to grab them from our card box.

I was not able to go to the concert with Hubby but he did have a good time with our friends. The concert was free as we had won the tickets earlier this year. There was also a free parking pass so he didn'…

My Frugal List: Week of June 11, 2018

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! We spoiled Hubby yesterday. He had waffles with strawberries for breakfast, hot dogs and mac n cheese for lunch (his request as I HATE hot dogs) and we grabbed burgers from his favorite burger place for dinner. We went to see Solo: a Star Wars Story. He had a great day and did some things around the house that he wanted to do. 

I ended up working 5 days this week so my week was busy. I did get into the garden 3 times to weed. It needs a ton more weeding so I will hopefully get in there some more. Peas are growing like crazy and we have been snacking on them. The lettuce looks great and I can start picking the outer leaves soon. I have 2 hot house peppers that are getting big. I have to look up how big they get because this is my first year growing them. We have been enjoying all of our fresh herbs again. 

Hubby took everything out of the shed and restained the floor. He then put the new shelves that our neighbor gave us to organize it be…

Vanderbilt Mansion, Museum & Planetarium part 3

William Vanderbilt II loved to travel the world and he collected thousands of specimens over the years. He displayed some of these collections at his summer home. They are still there today. YD, her friend and I went to the Vanderbilt Estate recently. You can read about part 1 and part 2

One of the things I love about the mansion is that they really focus on preserving the past. They take excellent care of all of the different collections. Something is always being restored to help keep its original beauty. 

 On the main floor of the main house are all bird, butterfly, shell and bug collections. I have lived on Long Island my whole life. I have traveled but not all over the world. Now a days you can see almost everything on the internet to learn about other places.

In the early 1900's you could not. Imagine people's awe when they would see all of these species of creatures that they didn't even know about. Mr Vanderbilt helped educate so many people. He allowed people onto …

Friday Freebies

Hubby wanted this as my first item this week. Our neighbor gave it to him because they are moving and will no longer have a garage to store it. He was very excited about it.

We got free admission to The Vanderbilt Mansion thanks to our library. I also grabbed a bunch of movies from the library. Something for everyone. 

I picked up last weeks Friday Freebies from Stop & Shop. The chocolate is gone and I gave my friend that has 2 cats the cat food.

I got some free samples in the mail. My son will be happy to try out the coffee.

Oreo is happy to try out the dog food.

My sister dropped off some goodies when she picked up Lip.

I grabbed this from the sample basket while hubby had his teeth removed. He grabbed 2 more when he went for his follow up. I never pay for toothpaste. 
CVS was doing a free 8 x 10 photo for father's Day. I got  a great picture that I am giving to Hubby.

Hubby found this rag in a parking lot. I washed it and added it to our rag pile.

My son brought us home lots of bag…