$100 Grocery Challenge: 3rd week of January

I ended last week at $100.53. I have upped my amount to $150. Let's see what I got this week.

I went to BJ's and got milk, soy milk and bananas. We eat a lot of bananas. 

I went to Meat Farms later in the week. More bananas, other fruit and veggies. Hubby asked for OJ. I bought the bread because we had pasta and meatballs for dinner. 

My total was $12.35. Total for the month is at $125.54. 

I made sausage and peppers. My son wanted it on pasta so that is what I did. I used peppers that I had frozen over the summer. 

I made a pot of sauce and Hubby made his meatballs, putting the ground beef that I got on sale to good use. I forgot to take a picture. These 2 containers went into the freezer for future easy meals. 

I made chicken rice soup. I was sweating the veggies first.

We had tacos, breakfast for dinner, chili from the freezer and leftovers throughout the week.

We had steal cut oats for breakfast several days. I made a big pot at the beginning of the week. 

 We also had waffles, bagels, pumpkin pancakes and eggs for breakfasts this week. The strawberries were frozen over the summer. 

What did you make this week? Are you using items up from your pantry and freezer? How are you doing on you grocery shopping this month? Are you staying in your budget?  


  1. I wanted to stay at $100 for January but a few things(Big Lots Deals)put me over so I am trying for $150(I think). lolz

  2. I have not spent much, less than $100 dollars.

  3. Well done Marybeth you are doing well so far for the month :) .

    My goal was to bring our months grocery spend down from $300 a month (including stockpiling) down to $250 - $270 a month. Groceries in Australia are much more expensive than in the United States unfortunately because our minimum wage is a lot higher.

    The figures for my pay month from the 24th of December to the 21st of January are now in and I have spent in total $192 a saving of $108 for the month, yippee :) . I did better than I thought which I am thrilled about.

    So far in a new month going from the 21st of January -18th of February to the we have spent to date $178.77 and have most of what we need for the month but will have to stock up on some fruit in a week or so.

    Have a wonderfully frugal week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Great job on reducing your grocery spending.

    2. Thank you Marybeth we are really happy with our achievement for the month and going well so far this month too .

      Have a great week of low spending ahead :).

      Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

  4. The sausage and peppers look so good. We've been eating what we have here. We've not done any grocery shopping this week.

  5. Well I'm happy to see that prices in the US aren't that far off from Canadian prices. It's just you guys have better coupon deals than we do.


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