Friday Freebie

I received lots of Freebies this week. I got these seeds in the mail. I follow coupon pro blog and I believe that I got them thru there.

Panera Bread
A free bagel a day... what will you try?
You've got it. A free bagel every day for 2 weeks.

I got this email on Monday while I was at work, so I stopped on the way home.  We live very close to a Panera so it will not be a problem getting this everyday. Because my son works there I am entitled to free drinks too. Since I was there I took one home for later. The employee also thru in some butter packets. So far I have gotten a bagel everyday. 
Monday: Choc. chip bagel with a hibiscus with ginger tea.
Tuesday: Choc. chip with a green tea
Wednesday: Choc. chip with hibiscus with ginger tea
Thursday: Sesame with green tea.
My kids have been eating the bagels.

I had to run to Staples for work to pick up some items. They were giving out a free tide pod and coupon with every purchase.

I went to Stop & Shop to get my last 2 weeks of freebies. Both were chocolate. I will always take free chocolate!


FREE (up to $0.90) ONE CUP any variety Yoplait® Yogurt (Includes Original, Light, Light Thick & Creamy, Thick & Creamy, Whips!®*


Mentos Now Mints
ONE (1) FREE 1.09 oz Mentos Now Mints Any Flavor

Exp: 04/12/2018
This week there are 2 free items from Stop & Shop.  Yogurt and mints. Make sure you download them today.

What Freebies did you get this week? Any offers that you know of that we could all get in on?


  1. Wow on the free bagel for two weeks... that's a great freebie!

    1. Yes, my daughter loves their chocolate chip bagels so she is very happy. Last time, about a year ago, I got free bagels for a month. I have read elsewhere that they now only do 2 weeks. We will happily take 2 weeks.

  2. No freebies or me but I am impressed with your freebies. Gotta love free food.


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