I'm Dreaming of Home Grown Tomatoes

So spring is finally here. I love Spring. It means I get to start my vegetable garden. I can't plant most things outside until mid May but I can start planting things inside. I have built my garden up over the years.
My small garden with string beans 2017

I have a small garden (16ft x 8ft), and a larger garden (24ft x 18 ft.).

I usually start tomatoes first inside. I grow San Marzano, Big Boy and cherry tomatoes. We love tomatoes.

I love when I start seeing all of the flowers and then the baby tomatoes.  It is so exciting to see my work paying off.

They just keep getting bigger and bigger. Then they start to turn that light orange and you know that soon they will be ready for picking.

Then the first ones are ready. Just a few a day. The kids and hubby are just popping them into their mouths. Maybe I can hide a  few so that they can make it onto a salad. But before long they all are ready at once.

And that is when the fun really begins!

I start making lots of sauce, pizza, bruschetta, and tons of other goodies.

After we have eaten our fill, then I get started on canning it up for the winter.

It will be a while until I get anything from the seeds that I am starting indoors, but I can't wait until that first homegrown tomato.  So for now I am dreaming of homegrown tomatoes. Good thing I still have some sauce from last year. I think I'll go make a pizza!


  1. Tomatoes are my favorite garden item. Can't wait for a fresh one. I love making sauces as well. It won't be long! I am making pizza tonight!!!
    have a good weekend.

    1. Pizza is perfect for a Friday in Lent. I have my dough going in my bread machine. I will use my canned sauce from last year and add cheese on one and veggies on the other. It will be perfect. Have a great weekend too.


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