More Snow

So we are supposed to get more snow.  The schools are talking about closing again or early dismissal. I like snow. I really do. I like it in December or January or February. There is nothing more beautiful then a white Christmas. Seeing it when you first wake up in the morning when it is still perfect with no footprints in it. Catching a snowflake on your tongue. I liked it when I was young. Running around pulling my sister in the sled. Waiting for my turn.  Building a snow man and giving up before his snow family was done because I  got  cold. Building a fort and then having a good old snow ball fight with my friends from the neighborhood. Then going inside and having a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. Nothing would be better over winter break when the kids were home from school. But its March and its officially Spring. SO PLEASE, NO MORE SNOW!
*So we ended up getting around 16 inches from Wednesday to Thursday morning. School was let out early Wednesday. It was cancelled Thursday, so my daughter is very happy.


  1. I don't blame you for being done with snow. I am very ready for spring, as well, and we had a lovely day, today. I enjoyed it through the window, for the most part. I think our famous Oregon rain is starting back up tomorrow. It keeps us green and lovely here in western Oregon. The other side of the state has more harsh weather. The one time we moved to southern Oregon, we moved right back again to this area, and here we will likely stay. We are pretty spoiled.

  2. We will see how it goes. The are saying about a foot of snow. Have a great day.

  3. Agreed! It's the fourth Nor'Easter for us in less than one month! Even my youngest (HS Sophomore) wanted school today because they have had so many snow days! Our district decided to have school with an early dismissal so at least they aren't tacking on another day to the end of the year!

    1. That's what we had. But now they are waiting to see if school will be cancelled or late opening for tomorrow.


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