Adding To My Pantry

Easter candy clearance is out. I love chocolate. I got these 3 bags for 50% off which is OK. However each bag had a coupon on them.

So I got each bag for $2.24. They only had 3 with coupons left so that is all I bought. This will last us months (hopefully). 

I went into Stop & Shop to look at candy clearance and for marked down hams. Hams were still $2.99 a pound so I passed but they did have reduced turkeys so I got 2 of them instead. 

They were originally $38.95 and $36.03. That is CRAZY. I paid $7.37 and $6.82 which is 49 cents a pound. I only got 2 because I am hoping to find some marked down hams still. As soon as it is nice out I will have Hubby smoke one of the turkeys. There are delicious!

 I also picked up my Friday freebies and a ginger wasabi sauce that was marked down. Here is my total for Stop & Shop.

 I saved $76.93 for 20 minutes of work. I'll take it. The store is on my way home from work and I stop in twice a week to check out the markdowns.

 Monday after work I stopped at CVS that is right by my job. They had tuna packs on sale for 88 cents each that I wanted to get. My son likes them and they make any easy lunch on days that he is running from school to work or vice versa. They only had one left so I asked the manager if they were expecting another shipment in. He told me on Wednesday so I will swing by after work Wednesday and hopefully get 10 more. If not I will call the other CVS near me and ask if they have any and try to get them there. If not I will get a rain check.

We don't eat a lot of cereal but Hubby and my son like a bowl sometimes as a snack. They were both on sale for $1.99.

I had gotten some bananas and peppers at the end of last week and I froze a bunch (6) of the bananas for smoothies or banana bread. The peppers got chopped and frozen as well. 

I am not planning a regular shopping trip this week. There is nothing that we need. That is why I love my pantry. I can shop sales and use coupons and make my money go so much further. 

Did you add anything to your pantry this week? Any great deals on hams out there? 


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    1. I am trying to lose some weigh so I am trying very hard to not eat it all.

  2. Marybeth that is some huge savings on the total of your grocery bill, good on you :).

    We added a variety of items too which were 2 x 90pk probiotic tablets at over 50% off sale, 7 x 100pk boxes of paracetamol from another pharmacy at far lower prices than we were paying previously and 6 tins of lychees at over 50% off sale prices saving in total for all $42.59 on usual retail prices.

    From the gardens we picked and added
    - 5.5 bunches of silver beet (Swiss chard) which we blanched and froze making 11 meals for the freezer saving $21.45 over purchasing them.
    - Also picked a huge amount of French Lavender from the gardens which we have hung to dry for our use and some to sell.

    In the kitchen we made last week from household pantry stocks -
    - 18 fruit buns, a quadruple batch of honey, oat, coconut and almond granola, and a quadruple batch of Anzac style biscuits saving $41.89 over purchasing the same amount in the shops premade.

    Oh how we love having a well stocked pantry to source from that we have built up over time.

    Have a great money saving week ahead everyone :).


    1. That was a great savings. I love when I get vitamins and medicine on sale. It makes me feel good to know I have it in the house should something happen. Your garden is still giving you goodies. I am so happy for you. Your freezer must be so full. Making extra while baking is always a good idea. It saves so much time and energy from the oven. Glad you were able to purchase for future uses at such great prices. Have a wonderful week.


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