Our Puppies

This is Oreo. She is a mamma's girl. She is 12 years old. We adopted her when she was 3 months old from our local shelter. She is a mix of Australian cattle dog and border collie. She is a very sweet, lovable dog. She sometimes forgets that she is a dog. 

This is Lip (Philip). Technically he is my sister's dog. But since he lives here about half the time I tell people we have joint custody. He is also a rescue. Lip is a boxer mix. He is 4 years old. Lip is very energetic. He prances when he walks and it is the cutest thing ever. 

They are not blood related but they look so much alike. Oreo thinks she is Lip's mother. He gets into trouble and she corals him in. It is pretty funny to watch. 

Oreo is the one in charge and Lip knows it. But he still teases her. Being older she gets tired quicker then he does. So when she goes to lay down he will go over and nudge her. They love to run around like lunatics.

They are truly a part of our family. They have Christmas stockings. Oreo loves Christmas and birthdays. Whenever we call people to sing Happy Birthday she always barks along.  They have birthday hats and get a birthday present.

They have their own favorite toys. Oreo loves to be wrapped in a blanket. She will get it when she wants it. At bedtime it is a must.

Lip likes to wear sweaters. Oreo sometimes does, sometimes not. 

Lip loves the snow. Oreo HATES the snow and rain. 

They make our family complete. YD doesn't think so. She thinks we need one more puppy.


  1. Unless YD is going to be new puppy's caregiver in ALL ways, just say no! At one time we had 4 count 'em 4 dogs. You do know who ended up taking care 24/7 of all 4, don't you? This mama. Never again.......lololz

  2. Our animals are just like additional children in most of our families and are indeed special with their own particular personality traits. We have one cat we named Tabatha (a tabby) that well just turned up in our back yard in September last year and of course we kept her.

    We think she was dumped but had lived a rough life for a while as she is an extraordinary hunter and finds and dispatches rats and mice from far and wide which suits us. The rats (huge) and mice here in the country like to eat all of our sweet potatoes we have growing but she stands guard next to the patch and the next door neighbours roof and brings us hunting presents both in a particular spot in the yard and on our back door mat :) .

    When she arrived she was 3.5kg and now she is nearly 4 kg in weight and we thought she was a kitten but no she was a very small adult 2 year old de-sexed female who never grew all of her back teeth.

    We think she may have been the runt of the litter but that doesn't stop her determination in fighting off anything that invades her territory including other cats. Recently she fought off a huge male cat twice her size a number of times trying to take over territory and knocked it completely off the neighbours roof and then pounced on it from the roof and tore it to shreds. Strangely the large male cat has not come back and when we found her she was covered in blood and none of it was her own as she had not a mark on her. She is a force to be reckoned with !.

    To us she is a loveable cat who loves snuggles and pats who at the mere mention of her name will roll playfully for a scratch or a pretend gentle attack game with my husband. She bites him by mouthing him and just touching his skin and gently kicks with her back paws with her claws partially out and never draws blood. She will never be sociable to our visitors and hides but we love her.

    The thing to remember is animals do cost a lot of money in food and veterinary bills and that has to be taken into account in your budget.

    Once you have animals though would you truly ever be without them as they are great companions :).


    1. Oreo loves to wrestle too. She can look so mean but is such a sweetie. She is a very good barker so people think she is mean until they get to know her. She is very protective of my kids. If they are in the yard then she is in the yard guarding the gate. I could never image our house without a dog. When we lived in an apartment I couldn't wait to get a house so we could get a dog. OD is moving next month into a new apartment. She mentioned that they are allowed pets so I may get a grandpup soon.

      That is really helpful that Tabatha catches the mice and rats. She is doing her job and earning her keep. Animals can be expensive but their love is worth it. My kids always wanted a cat but Hubby and OD are allergic to them. We just play with our friends.

  3. Hopefully sometime in 2018 a granddog will be happening! I miss these two lunatics.


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