Friday Freebies.

My son is keeping us well supplied with bread and treats. I haven't used my bread machine in months. I will be sad when he leaves this job. Hubby also brought home a few bagels that were leftover from work but I forgot to take a picture. 

Our neighbor's house is for sale and keeps offering us items. They will not have a garage with their condo in Florida. Hubby happily took some more items. 

Stopped by my son's job to drop him dinner and YD and I each got a free drink. I shared mine with Hubby since they are such big cups. 

I received a birthday card from a coworker with 2 scratch off tickets. I won $5! I will cash it out. I also received a very generous check from my parents since I won't see them for my birthday. I don't know what I will buy yet. 

I picked up the last 2 Friday Freebies from Stop & Shop. They didn't have anything good on clearance so this is all I got. 

What Freebies did you get this week?


  1. Hi Mcoia and I love that shelving unit and how great you got that for free I can see it as, at least for me, a food storage shelf :). Those free pastries and bread must be saving you a lot on electricity costs not having to run your bread maker, although they are very cheap to run.

    Here are the freebies we got for the week -
    - $100 in free groceries we got with our vouchers we purchased.
    - I used one of the $350 E-Vouchers for our 2 monthly grocery shop and turned that into an additional $24 in savings with specials.
    - $15 in free groceries with another voucher for our supermarket we got in the mail yesterday.
    - Used this today to finish off our 2 monthly grocery shop at one supermarket and turned this into an additional $19.14 in savings as they had probiotic tablets on half price special and DH was running low on them.
    - Harvested 25kg of organically grown sweet potatoes from the gardens which are now free to us saving $300 over purchasing organic ones in our local supermarket.

    It must be something to do with end of financial year here but I have never seen so many opportunities to get such great specials in groceries. I of course am lapping it up and taking advantage of all of them to stock our food storage up closer to a 12 month level and DH is over the moon with happiness too at the savings.

    It all means more we can save for our home deposit.


    1. We actually got 3 shelving units. The one in the photo is plastic so that is going in the shed to help organize better. The other 2 are metal and in pieces so those will go in the basement for food storage and regular storage.

      Who cares why there are so many specials. Glad you are the one getting them. I always feel like I won something when I get great deals. Hubby and I ran to the store last night because corn on the cob was 10 for $2 for Memorial Day weekend. So we each got 10. We also got a watermelon on sale for $2.99 with a few other items. He did con me into getting his favorite non dairy ice cream. It never goes on sale and is $5 a pint. It is supposed to be hot this weekend so it will be a nice treat for him. have a wonderful weekend.


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