Adding to my Pantry

There are lots of ways to add to your pantry, shopping sales, using coupons, growing your own food, foraging and bartering. I try to do them all. Sometimes I get lucky and get useful samples that we can use. This week I got 2 great samples, coffee and dog food. We will definitely use both. Companies are willing to give you a sample in the hopes that you will like it and then buy their product. Look around, you may find a sample of something you really like.

Hubby had his wisdom teeth pulled so we bought extra stuff that he can eat. We made a trip to Stop & Shop. I already had jello but he wasn't sure it was enough (it was).

While we were there I picked up some freebies. I will always take free chocolate. The cat food will go to a friend with 2 cats. Stop & Shop total was 22.22. The dairy free ice creams are not cheap. 

BJ's has the cheapest Silk and milk. I picked up a few other items. Total was $33.53 on groceries. 

I needed fruit. Hubby wanted cold cuts. We went to Meat Farms. The marked down racks were a bust. We did find 2 pound blocks of mozzarella on sale for $3.99 so I grabbed 2. While we were there Hubby gave me puppy dog eyes and got 2 kinds of potato salad to try since he is on soft foods all week.  Total was $23.08.

Earlier in the week I had stopped at Meat Farms and grabbed what we need. I spent $7.60. The grapes were so good we finished them that day. 

My sister picked up Lip and dropped off a box of cookies for each of the kids. 

As always, my son was able to grab pastries that would have ended up in the garbage. 

Total spent on the week was $86.43. Much better then last week. I finished cleaning out my food storage and pulled items that were past best buy or close to it so that we eat them soon. We have been eating those items up to prevent food waste. 

Did you add anything to your pantry this week? Did you get any great deals? 


  1. Hi Mcoia and you did well and you really have to watch out for those puppy dog eyes they get to you every time :) and me too I might add .

    We added to our pantry by -
    - Blanching and freezing another 34 meal portions of sweet potato for the freezer from the sweet potatoes we harvested.
    - Separated out organically grown rosemary we had picked from the gardens we had drying making another 109 g some we will keep for ourselves and the rest I have listed for sale on the internet to help cover some gardening costs. This saved us $21.68 over buying similar in the shops.
    - Dh picked 100g of strawberries from the gardens we chopped and put in the freezer and also picked 618g of cherry tomatoes from the gardens too. This saves us $8.61 over purchasing them in the shops.
    - We also added 12 packets of Imodium and 4 packets of charcoal tablets to our medical cupboard purchased on eBay saving us $41.86 over purchasing them in our local pharmacies.
    - Bought a dutch oven on special from Aldi saving $181.11 over buying it in our local kitchenware store.

    Hope everyone else had a wonderful pantry building week too :).


    1. The puppy dog eyes get me every time. Herbs are so expensive to buy. I grow a bunch also. Never thought to sell my excess. Another side job perhaps.

  2. I am still using things from food storage so I can defrost then begin refilling the freezer and before I redo the pantry shelves. I am ready to complete both tasks.

    1. Great job. I have to do both of my freezers soon. I cleaned my fridge out last night. It looks nice and shiny.


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