Friday Freebies

Hubby got offered 2 VIP tickets to see Billy Joel in August in the city through work. He quickly said yes. I am so excited. I have never seen him live and it is VIP which is even more exciting. We will surely have a great time. 

I picked up some movies and books from the library. The Greatest Showman was wonderful. I had seen it at work. I would watch it during my breaks. The soundtrack is great. If you haven't seen it, I recommend that you do. Plus Hugh Jackman is such a cutie. I also signed up for museum passes to use throughout the summer. Free from my library. It will give us free activities to do. 

I found a hat when I went on a walk with Hubby and the dogs. I washed it and it looks great now. We don't really need another hat so I will probably end up donating it. 

My son wanted a snack at work one night so he used my free birthday pastry. It's OK because he brought me home a bunch of leftovers. The salad above was ordered and paid for and then never picked up. My son was happy to bring it home and eat it the next day for lunch. Hubby and I went on a lunch date. Guess where we went ? Panera! We used a bonus gift card that I had gotten free last month when I bought gift cards as gifts. We used my son's discount and had our free drinks. 

Godiva sent me $10 for my birthday. I will get over to the mall before it expires. Is there anything better then free chocolate!

Stop & Shop has several freebies this week, free chocolate and free cat food. I will give the cat food to a coworker or friend as we don't have a cat. 

I used some parsley and cilantro from the garden this week. 

Did you get any freebies this week? 


  1. I had a great find when I went to the local grocery store to buy a gift card for a birthday party. They were offering Home Depot gift cards with a Starbucks bonus. We are in the middle of a bunch of house projects, so I did $300 (the max) at Home Depot, which generated a free $90 Starbucks gift card. Huge score!

    1. That is wonderful. I bought $250 for my mom and me and got $50 in bonus cards. I try to always buy them when they have bonus cards.

  2. Yay for free Billy Joel tickets!!! =)

  3. Love reading your freebie posts. Agatha Christie is my fave author. Have almost all her books and have read most 3+ times each.

    1. Thanks. i love Agatha Christie too so I thought it would be interesting to read.


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