Friday Freebies

Hubby and youngest daughter got free tickets to a Jets game thanks to a vendor of Hubbies. They were in a suite that had free food and drinks included. I was told there was regular football food such as hot dogs and chicken fingers but there was also different kinds of wraps, salads and sausage and peppers. There was popcorn, chips, fruit, veggies, and cookies too. They had a great time. 

My garden is still holding on. I picked several times last week. This bowl full was over 11 pounds,

This basket weighed in just under 18 pounds,

and this picking was just over 12 pounds. I have been cooking up a storm processing as much of it as I can. I also have been using it in all of our meals. 

My sister got another Staples voucher for $10 off a $10 order. She is still out of the country so she emailed me the coupon. We are well supplied in school supplies so I hit the kitchen department. They had Dawn on sale for $3.99. They are the very large bottles. The wipes were on sale for $2. I had to pay 3¢ for all of it. I was very happy. 

Youngest daughter has been working on the homecoming floats. They had pizza one night paid with money from the class funds. They were going to throw away the leftover pizza. She spoke up and said she would take it instead of it going in the garbage. I am so proud!

YD also worked Open House at the high school. There were free snacks and water bottles for the volunteers.  These are her favorite so she brought them home to have. 

I got yogurt for free from Stop & Shop. It was a downloadable coupon. 

My son brought home some leftovers from work. He also got a free meal for going in 2 hours early when someone else called out last minute. He ate it as his dinner since his original shift wouldn't have had a break. 

Did you get any freebies this week? Getting anything from your garden still? Do you get any free perks from your job? 


  1. Hi Mcoia and you have done well this week and wow on the amount garden produce you have picked and wise to preserve everything you can :) . Congratulations on bringing your children up well and frugally to recognise waste and not waste things. There is so much wasted food in most households (not all) that could go to feed those who have none. Can you tell I am an advocate for no waste :).

    Our freebies this week were -
    - 2 dozen eggs given to us by a friend saving us $8.
    - And just over 500 g of venison given to us by a friend that hunts. Not sure what this is worth to buy as none of the local butcher shops sell it but I do know it is expensive to buy. They have offered to supply us with a whole venison for the price of the ammunition they use and they will butcher it too, how wonderful of them :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

    1. That is wonderful that they gave you venison. They must love to hunt but don't need all of the meat. I know of hunters that love to hunt but can only store so much so they give all of the excess to food pantries and soup kitchens. Meat is expensive so you sure did save a ton. That was very nice that your friend gave you more eggs. Free food is my favorite.

      My mom taught my sisters and I that we shouldn't waste food. I did the same with my kids. If we don't eat it there is always the dog. Just this morning a put some leftover string beans and mashed potatoes into the dogs food. They were a few days old. The puppies were happy to eat it. The pizza is already gone between the 2 kids. We very rarely buy it so it is a treat to them.

    2. Your garden is fantastic! I'm hoping ours produces as much next year when we expand it. This year was kind of an experiment year to see if we could even grow anything, and it went pretty well! :) Good for your daughter for speaking up and bringing food home! My husband does similar at work. They often have speakers and vendors who come in and have catered events or hand out boxed lunches, and when there's extra he brings them home to us. It's always a nice treat. :)

      I don't know that I got anything free this week, but I did get a coupon in the mail for $2 off a certain brand of makeup item from Walgreens, so my daughter and I stopped by there when we were out and running other errands, and I found a pretty shade of lipstick for which I only paid 53 cents, so that's not too bad. :)

    3. Stephanie good luck with the bigger garden next year. When we first moved into this house we had a very small garden. I now have 2 much larger areas. You will learn what grows well and what doesn't. Some years my cucumbers are amazing like this year. Last year they barely produced. I think I only got like 30 cucumbers. Squash just doesn't do well for me. It never has. I try a new item every year. This year was kale which did great, tabasco peppers which was Hubby's choice and purple bell peppers that did OK but are so pretty. I would do all 3 again.

    4. My neighbor four houses down has a sizable garden, so she's a good barometer for what grows for me. She managed to produce four squash, but the squirrels got them all. The squirrels left our pumpkins alone, thankfully, and they didn't discover our tomatoes until a few weeks ago (but we've had more than enough, so I guess I don't feel toooooooo badly about sharing with them). Her kale grows well, so I definitely want to plant some of that. She grows potatoes and onions, but I can buy those cheaply enough that I don't think I feel the need to use up growing space for them. I have a whole long list of things I want to grow! :)

    5. You can spray your veggies with a home made pepper spray to keep animals away. It has worked for me. Just wash your veggies really well before you eat them.

  2. What a great week you had. Your garden bounty is beautiful. Those goodies will sure taste yummy this winter. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Another week of incredible values almost free. (I am counting those few cents at Staples) Beautiful harvest too!

    1. It was weird because some of the tax came off and some didn't.


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