My Frugal List: Week of October 8, 2018

Sorry this is so late. I worked 6 days last week and I am probably going to work 6 days this week. That is good and bad. Bad because I still have to cook, do laundry and a 100 other things. Good because my checks will be very nice.  Since we are saving as much as we can right now for college I will work as much as I can. Several popular movies are out right now so work is letting us have more hours. Lets get onto what I did beside work and sleep.

I signed up with a few friends to attend library classes. This one was a fall decoration. It was 2 hours of painting and chatting with some lovely ladies. I almost didn't go because I figured I could do something better with my time but Hubby said to go and have fun. I also picked up a few books while I was there. 

We brought food, reusable water bottles, and snacks to work and school. 

I charged my phone at work all week. If I am there I might as well use there electricity.

Hubby and I went to see the EAGLES for free. We were offered last minute tickets from a vendor of Hubby's. It was in a suite with free food and drinks. We were dancing all night. We did have to pay for transportation. I don't have a bucket list but if I did seeing the EAGLES would have been on it. 

My son went to the dentist. We pay for it through Hubby's work and get 2 cleanings included every year. I make sure we use them. They gave him some goodies to bring home. My son took the new toothbrush and I put his old one through the dishwasher. I will use it for cleaning now. 

The garden is still giving me plenty of peppers and a few tomatoes. The herbs are still hanging in. Everything else is done. 

I made one last batch of salsa. I used the rest of my tomatoes doing it. I am really glad I tried doing it this year. I now have several jars in my pantry and we are loving it. I will be making more next year. 

I used the crock pot several days this week. It is one of my favorite gadgets. I can be at  work and it is making me delicious food. I made 6 containers of pinto beans one day. I also did chicken orzo soup. I put the orzo in about 20 minutes before I served it. 

I made apple juice on Sunday with some of the apples that YD and my sister picked. We also put some carrots in it to give it extra vitamins. My family doesn't really like store bought apple juice but this they cannot get enough of. I made a pitcher of it and they enjoyed it for 3 days.

After I make the juice, there is a ton of pulp leftover. 

Since we all know I hate to waste food, I made some apple muffins and a German apple cake. 

I shopped sales, used coupons and then used Ibotta. My pantry is ready for the winter. 

Hubby helped a friend get a couch and chair from another coworker that was getting new furniture. They offered her some other items too. She didn't want some so Hubby took 2 oil lamps. 

Our friend treated Hubby out to dinner since they picked the furniture up right after work. 

I sold several items on eBay and shipped them out in boxes I already had. 

We had a busy week but we still watched our budget. Thinking ahead for meals really helped. Having a well stocked pantry did too. 

What did you do that was frugal this week? 


  1. Sounds like another great week for you. Out garden is now done. I have a few tomatoes ripening in the house - then done with fresh for the year. Makes me sad.
    Hope your good week continues.

    1. I also have some tomatoes ripening in the house. I get sad this time of year too when the garden is ending. Then I think about what I want to do different next year. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Wow, six days!!! It definitely makes for a nice paycheck, but I totally understand how difficult it is to get other things done like that. I only have a few weeks left to go with physical therapy, and while I really enjoy going (as it helps so much), I'll be looking forward to having that extra time back- I've been going 2-3 times a week since the end of August. Feels like forever at this point!

    Glad you had a good week despite being so busy!!! :)

  3. Hi Mcoia and you did so well and what a busy week you had working 6 days this week. I love the oil lamps that your husband picked up and it is lovely you were able to pick up so many specials and see the Eagles too :).

    Just to add to my bigger list below we found out yesterday that we got the unconditional loan from the bank for our forever home and our settlement date is on the 10th of December :). We put on a 2 month settlement date due to us being tied into a lease here until January 9th so that gives us time to pack, move everything and clean the house here.

    Another bit of good news on the home front here is that we saw a property to buy we had been keeping our eye on on the internet for about 4 - 6 months that was reduced by over $50 000. We put in an offer on it and our offer for less and was accepted for $7000 less than the advertised price, we have signed a contract and have conditional finance approval from the bank.

    Not a lot done this week with racing backwards and forwards to solicitors, the bank, getting quotes on car, house and contents insurance.

    We did manage a few things though being-
    - Banked more money into our home deposit savings account.
    - I listed more items on eBay using a free listing promotion.
    - DH managed to get 2 pairs of dress pants from BigW for $93.90 less than the usual place shop he buys them from and they are about the same quality :).
    - We washed all washing in cold water, hung it on the clothes line to dry and used saved grey water to water the household lawns with.
    - Used saved shower warm up water to water the fruit trees and new seeds planted in the gardens.
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.
    - We picked a heap of thyme, French and English lavender from the gardens and are now drying it to sell and some for the home.

    I hope everyone has had an equally wonderful week :).


    1. When we bought this house we did the same thing. We rented our apartment for another month and it made the move so much easier. I had 2 small kids at the time, my son being less then a year old. We were able to move everything in slowly and clean and paint before the actual move in date. It worked out really well for us. Good luck. You are going to have a very busy Christmas. Can I ask what are you planning on doing with the second property? Is there a house on it?

    2. Hi Mcoia and yes we thought we would leave ourselves a month so we could move at our own pace as it makes life less of a rush. You are right it will be a busy Christmas for us indeed.

      We have only purchased one property on two blocks of land being 1.21 acres in total size one has a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house on it and the block next to it is the same size with nothing on it. The home also has a large rumpus room, 3 rain water tanks (also on town water), 1 double lock up garage, 1 enclosed garage, a double lock up garden shed, 2 totally enclosed garden beds with rabbit and kangaroo fencing, a shed with lean to with enough to store 3 more cars in, a meat room, an outhouse toilet (operational) and a root cellar under the 2 raised water tanks.

      We are amalgamating both blocks into the one title for tax and old age pension purposes (thinking ahead and not there yet). If you have 2 blocks one gets assessed as an asset where as if we amalgamate them we can claim both blocks as our principle place of residence.

      Have a great week :).


    3. So you expanded your land. That is great. More room for you to put gardens on. Good luck.

  4. I know I asked this before. But I've forgotten. What is Ibotta?

    1. It is a rebate app on your phone for groceries and other purchases. I have a link on my home page. If you sign up through it you and I both would get a bonus. You can get gift cards or cash via Paypal or Venmo as your payment. I have been using it a little over a year and I have made over $100. You will not get rich from it. It is just another way for me to cut my grocery bill.


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