My Frugal List: Week of September 24, 2018

My oldest daughter and her boyfriend came home for a long weekend. They arrived Thursday afternoon and we were busy until they left on Sunday. OD was in the wedding of one of her best friends. They have been friends since they were 6 years old. Hubby and I were also invited to the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and I can admit I cried. They decorated everything with sunflowers. I even got to bring some home.  It was by the water and it was a perfect day. The ceremony was outside. It was 70 and sunny. We couldn't of had a better day for it. 

Unfortunately, I started to get sick on Wednesday. I have a bad cold and sore throat which now has a cough added.  Several people at work have been sick and I was doing everything I could to avoid it but that didn't happen. Also, we had a fire alarm at work go off on Tuesday and we got to spend 40 minutes outside in the rain. I'm sure that didn't help. Thankfully there wasn't a fire but there was a ton of smoke in the kitchen so fire trucks were dispatched. Everything worked out fine so I am looking at it as a good practice in case there ever is a real fire. 

On Friday, Hubby, OD, BF and I were supposed to go out east apple picking and to a few hard cider/breweries. I was supposed to be the DD since I don't drink. Hubby took one for the team and became the DD since I was not feeling well and didn't go. They sent lots of pictures and had fun. They brought home a bunch of apples but I sent OD home with most of them. YD, my son and I will get to go apple picking soon. They did pack a cooler for lunch. 

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for the wedding. Hubby drove OD and BF and also picked them up. It saved them about $40 in Uber costs. Saturday morning I drove OD over to the bride's mom's house where all all of the ladies were getting ready. BF hung out with us all day and then we went together to the wedding in one car. Sunday morning, we had breakfast, I packed them sandwiches and they were off. 

We did get pizza and bagels when they were here. If you are from NY you understand. They are the 2 foods OD misses most. We don't do it often and I did budget for it. 

The garden is slowing down. We are enjoying every last vegetable we get. I have been using them in cooking all week. I sent OD home with some too. She also took some pickles and corn cob jelly. 

I have been drying seeds to use next year. I have been drying more herbs to use over the winter. 

Lots of leftovers were brought home this week. YD brought home more pizza left over from the float build. My son brought home goodies from work. 

YD had homecoming and the parade on Saturday which was the same day and time as the wedding. I was sorry to miss it but several people took pictures and videos for us. The floats were all great and the Seniors won! YD is so proud. They worked really hard on it.

We had a energy audit done on the house at the beginning of the week. We will get the report this week. It is free to do once a year. 

It was a busy week with some illness thrown in but we got everything done. We did our day to day things to stay frugal as always. They are such a part of our lives that I don't even think about them most of the time. Meals were cooked at home except the food mentioned above. Lunches were brought to work and school. Bills were paid online. Laundry was hung up. 

What did you do this week?


  1. I hope you're feeling better by now! My daughter had a bit of that cold earlier last week; her nose was runny, her throat hurt, and she was uncharacteristically calm and quiet (!!!). Took her only a few days to kick it, but kids get better so much faster than we do as adults. I've been lucky so far...

    Those sunflowers are so gorgeous. Sunflowers are, I think, my favorites. :)

    1. I'm still sick. My problem is when I feel a little better, I start to do stuff and then I over do it. I was feeling better this morning so I stripped beds and cleaned both bathrooms. Cooked and did the laundry. Now I am shot again. At least the house got cleaned.

      I hope you don't get what your daughter had. The flowers were beautiful and they had so many.

  2. I totally understand the need for "real" pizza and bagels. I also add black n white cookies to the list of must have when I visit New York.
    This past week's big frugal wins included:
    borrowing the neighbor's
    pressure washer to clean my
    house, walkway n driveway.
    Applying quarterly lawn chemicals myself.
    Ate all meals at home and sent my hubby off on the road with 2 lunches.

    1. Black and white cookies are YD's favorites. I love when neighbors can borrow and share. We have 2 great neighbors that we share with. Unfortunately one is moving soon.

  3. Hi Mcoia and hope you feel better soon, hugs. How exciting about your daughter attending the wedding and it sounds like it was a lovely experience for her. Our household routines certainly help when we are not well and keep the house running.

    Been a busy week for us here as we have seen 4 houses for sale from old churches on acreage to residential to rural. The old church sadly had seen better days with both wood rot and termite damage but oh what a magnificent 15 square home with vaulted ceilings. Probably suitable for a builder or tradie to repair and restore (you would need deep pockets to fix it properly). We went back and saw the home on half an acre in town here but it too has issues with the house sinking and needing restumping. The favourite so far is a house on 2.4 acres that is good with lovely wooden floorboards and 3 bedrooms but the soil is rather rocky for gardens but could be amended. We shall keep you updated on our continuing buying our home adventure :).

    Our time at home has been limited this week but we have achieved a little.

    Our savings added up to - $234.72 last week :) .

    Finances & listings -
    - Banked more money into our home deposit savings account bringing us to 28.58 % of the way there for a new home build or 41.57% of the way there for buying an existing home on land.
    - Listed 18 items on eBay using a free listing promotion saving $29.70 on usual listing costs.

    Earnings -
    - Made $21.51 from the sale of a homemade 5 layer cotton eye mask in my eBay store.

    Grocery savings -
    - Used another $240 for $200 grocery e-voucher and with weekly specials on items we use regularly saved an additional $53.40 on usual prices.
    - We stocked up above our usual stocking levels on 10 x cocoa powder, 8 tins of spam, 24 tins of smoked oysters and 1 x 32 pk of toilet paper.

    In the gardens -
    - Took 18 cuttings of English lavender we potted up and 10 cuttings of rosemary we have sitting in water until they develop roots saving $151.62 over buying the plants in the local plant nurseries.

    Usual frugalities -
    - Watered the house lawns with saved grey water from our showers and washing machine, watered fruit tree pot plants and vegetables with dish rinsing and shower warm up water, hung washing on the clothes line to dry and washed all laundry on a cold water cycle.

    Have a great week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Thankfully I don't have to worry about much when I am sick. We have a well stocked pantry and freezer. The kids always help. YD cooked dinner and cleaned everything up for me several nights.

      Looking at houses can be so much fun but also exhausting. I know the right one will come along. You did really well this week.


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