Friday Freebies

CVS does deals were you buy certain gift cards and you get back Extra Care Bucks. I did one of those deals this week. With Christmas coming, I can use the gift cards. I then put the ECB towards things I could use and that were on sale.

The cranberry sauces were on sale for 99¢ each. With the ECB they were free.

There was a 6th package of products but they didn't make in into the photo. They were buy 1 get the 2nd 50% off. I also had a $5 off coupon for CVS brand. With ECB, they were also free.

They toothpaste had a coupon print at the machine and then there was a coupon in the newspaper making it free.

Tide pods were on sale at Stop & Shop this week.

I had 2 manufacturer coupons and a digital coupon.

They paid me 52¢ to take them home with me.

I have great friends that send me food when I am not feeling well.

I had Thanksgiving at my house. My family all brings food. They brought a clam casserole, chocolate chip cake, pumpkin cheesecake, turnips, sweet potatoes, sausage and sauerkraut, eggnog, wine and pigs in a blanket. My sister didn't want the extra box of piggies so they went into my freezer.

I worked on Black Friday. Several people brought in goodies. These were the cutest.

My son brought goodies home from work.

What freebies did you get this week?


  1. What a fantastic week. You did great.
    I haven't done much in the way of shopping. Got the weekend deals at Kroger and that was it.

  2. Hi Mcoia it is so good you can get products free with gift cards and vouchers and you did really well stocking up your pantry.

    This week I got 5 knee, 2 wrist and 2 ankle supports free as I had a $10 off purchase voucher I earned from selling items in the shop on eBay and purchased another knee brace and with tax only paid $1.32. These will go in our medical kit for backups.

    I also got a dozen free range eggs free from a friend who had too many eggs.

    Have a great week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

    1. I have several of those supports and they are not cheap. You did great. Free eggs are always welcome.

  3. I was given one of the biggest cauliflowers I have ever seen! I cut off half and gave it to my sister. It still looked like 3 heads. I made cauliflower for dinner. I made a cauliflower/carrot/squash curry/coconut milk soup with a whole bunch of it. I still have what equals a head in the fridge! Yikes!!! Thanks, auntie:)

    I was surprised at Fred Meyers today. I got my free gum, which was expected. But, there were 3 other Saturday only freebies. If they had not posted a sign, and put the items in bins right there, I would have missed that completely. So, I got a small candle, a bottle opener and 4 tiny metal containers for dipping sauce.

    Since I was in there for bulk spices, $1.99 butter and 99c pasta sauce, it was nice to get the freebies as well.

    I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Thanksgiving.

    1. That is really nice that your store put the free items up front in bins. I usually have to hunt for them. That is wonderful that your aunt gave you the cauliflower and you were able to share.

  4. As usual your take home is astounding.

    1. Gave lots of goodies to my oldest daughter to take home. She loved everything. I am always happy to share.

  5. I got no freebies and spent a lot at the grocery store to feed all the family for the wedding and holiday visit but, we did not go out to eat once, ate extremely well at home, had a wonderful time with everyone so I am calling the week priceless!

    1. I totally agree. Can't wait to hear all about the wedding.


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