Friday Freebies

I have gotten several freebies in the mail this week. I love to get packages. First off, I had done an energy audit a while ago free through PSEG. We learned several places/ways that we can fix for low cost to us. When we signed up there was a promo to get some freebies. Well they came. I received 6 free LED light bulbs and surge protector. We will happily take them.

I also got a free razor in the mail with coupons. 

My sister got $15 rewards to staples and wasn't going to be able to use it so she gave it to me. 

I was happy to use it. I got coffee for my son as a Christmas present and some wipes for the stock pile. I ended up paying 51¢ for both so technically the wipes weren't a freebie. 

2 days later I got $10 off a $10 purchase from Staples. They had some slightly crushed boxes of coffee on clearance. So I got 2 boxes. There was no tax so it was exactly $10.

YD brought a pumpkin home from school. 

I picked this one up from the curb that was with someone's garbage. Both will be getting cooked this weekend. 

Hubby went to Harbor Freight and used a free item coupon. We love these little flashlights. We have them all over the house and in every car. They have a magnet and a hook. 

I received another coupon for Victoria's Secret. I was happy to get another free item to use as a Christmas present. I gave another coupon that I had for $15 off $50 to the lady behind me in line.

Our neighbor is moving today so we got a few more items from them that they weren't taking. 

The garden still has a little life left. The kale came back from the spring so YD has been enjoying that in her smoothies and the peppers are still hanging on. 

A few other things that we got that I don't have pictures of are: my son got a free icee from BK with a coupon I gave him, my boss gave me a free milkshake for helping out with a project, tons of free candy from my job and Hubby's, Hubby got a free bagel several days at work and several snacks, my son got to try out new pastries at work and he got a free meal for staying late one day. 

What did you get free this week? 


  1. Hi and this week we were given another 2 dozen eggs from a friend that has too many eggs. We use lots of eggs in our cooking around here :) .

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

    1. We use a lot of eggs too. They are a cheap protein and no one is allergic to them.


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