Thankful Day 10

Today I am thankful for my oldest daughter. She is truly one of the greatest parts of my life. When I found out at 18 that I was pregnant, I was scared to death. God really has a plan and I am so happy that he knew what he was doing. She has been my sunshine on many rainy days. She is an amazing person. If I wasn't her mom, I would want to be friends with her. I miss her everyday (she lives out of state) but I am so proud of all of her hard work. I love that she calls me almost every day and we can talk for hours on the phone. I cannot wait until I get to squish her at Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Day 9


  1. I echo your sentiments about being thankful for a loving daughter who makes me happy everyday.

  2. You are truly blessed to have such a close bond with your oldest daughter Mcoia :).

    Today we are thankful that we had a lovely morning at church and that DH and I are going to cook together in the kitchen to make some lovely chocolate chip and coconut biscuits for the week :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).


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