My Frugal List: Week of January 14, 2019

It has gotten cold outside. It is in the single digits today with a windchill in the negatives. The wind is howling. Extra blankets were put on everyone's bed. YD and I have been doubling up our socks at home. Everyone has been wearing multiple layers. 

We have our laundry in a closet in my kitchen. The closet is very small, very cold and just not done efficiently. The doors are horrible. Hubby decided to do something about it. He gutted the whole area down to the studs. It was a mess. Some of the studs were cut wrong. It was just shoddy workmanship.

Hubby has been working with help from my son. They redid the plumbing and electrical. They put in 2 high hats as there was never any light in there. They added more outlets and replaced the one that was there. Next insulation was hung and sheet rock went up. They started sparkling too. I am so excited. 

I printed out a $10 GC to Home Depot from Lucky Bucks and a $5 GC from Verizon points. They both went to the costs of the project. Every little bit helps.

I went to my cousin's house to help her out. She had surgery and her husband went back to work. I played with her 3 year old and did a load of laundry for her. We talked a bunch too. 

Hubby's boss gave us his old generator. It was so generous of him.

My friend and I went to see a movie with passes that I still have from my old job. We had a nice time and it was FREE!

The vet gave me another prescription for Oreo. I asked if I could get it generic and I picked it up from Walmart. A month's worth cost me half of what the first weeks cost because I got it from the vet. Oreo is doing much better. She is still limited on her activities which she doesn't like. 

I rented movies, books and a record player from the library. Our record played had broken about a year ago. My son loves listening to them. I surprised him with it. It is good for a week and can be renewed for another week if no one else has it on reserve. He has been listening to it everyday. 

My sister had me over for lunch so that we could visit with our aunt. I made a chick pea salad. My aunt brought a chocolate cake. My sister had a salad and cold cuts. It was a nice day. My sister sent me home with all of the leftovers. I made roast beef sandwiches on garlic bread with the salads for dinner. It was nice and easy with my kitchen a mess. My sister let me do 2 loads of laundry while I was there too. She also sent me home with items that she is getting rid of before her big move. The new house it supposed to be ready next month. I can't wait. 

 I have been cleaning out the office. I started going through the filing cabinet shredding old paperwork. I have gotten rid of so much already and I still have a bunch more to do. 

I made a batch of ham and lentil soup in the crock pot. I made some chicken vegetable soup too. Nothing as good as a warm bowl of soup when it is this cold out. I am trying to use up some older items from the freezer. Soups are a great way to do it. 

I went food shopping at Shop Rite and finished off a GC I got for Christmas. I shopped sales, clearance, used coupons, and did Ibotta. On Long Island you are charged 5¢ for every grocery bag you take. I brought my own. I also went to BJs for items that are cheaper there. Milk is $2.29 at BJs while it is $3.49 at SR. They are both close to my house so I go where it is cheaper. 

What did you do this week to stay frugal?


  1. What a great gift was the generator and how exciting your laundry is getting a revamp and you will be able see what you are doing in there with the lights now.

    Last week our savings added up to $471.13.

    Home organisation & decorating with what we have -
    - We vacuumed the large area rugs we had from our last home and one is now near the back door as a rather large door mat inside and the other we set up in the lounge room under our recliners.
    - DH sorted out the last bits and pieces in the lounge room and set up our filing stackable drawers for bills and the like.
    - I damp dusted all of the skirting boards, window sills and furniture in the home to freshen it up a bit.
    - Shortened curtains we already had that I made for the last property for the bedroom.

    In the kitchen -
    - Made a half batch of brownie premix from food storage saving $18.13 over purchasing premade packet mixes.
    - Made a cheesecake from cream cheese bought on special at Christmas time, lemon juice from free lemons given to us, and nice biscuits also on special saving $69.48 over buying one of equivalent quality and size in the shops.

    Finances/Purchases and eBay listings -
    - Listed 94 listings of homemade items/homegrown herbs and saved seeds on eBay using a free listing promotion saving $155.10 on usual listing fees.
    - Purchased a wire crimper stripper, 120 pce wire connector set, a grease gun, 2 x toggle switches and a set of fenching pliers on eBay saving $168.88 over buying them in the local hardware and auto stores here.
    - Purchased 2 orders of groceries using 2 discount supermarket e-vouchers and with specials saved a further $52.15 on usual prices and including the e-voucher discounts saved $132.15 in total.

    Have a fantastic week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. What a great week you had. Using what you have to decorate your new home will save you so much money. I love cheesecake. You are giving me ideas of what I should make. Have a wonderful week.

  2. The laundry area is going to be great when finished I bet it will be warmer as well. Tell them - Good Job! Nice to have a handy hubby.
    Sounds like another great week.

    1. It is wonderful to have a handy hubby. I am so glad that my son is learning all of these tasks. It will save him so much in his lifetime.

  3. Oh, that'll be a great laundry space when it's finished! My laundry room is tucked away downstairs in its own separate room. I used to have my washer and dryer in a closet next to my bedroom at our old house, which was really convenient, but having its own room is nice, too. Even though the basement is warm, it's always nice and toasty in that room. :)

    You're wonderful for helping out with laundry! My mom will often clean up my kitchen when she comes up to babysit- even if I have all the dishes done and such, she'll scrub out my sink and scrub off my stovetop. It's always much appreciated!

    Hi Oreo! Glad to hear your pupper is on the mend. :)

    1. We have an unfinished cellar and we get water down there sometimes. Hubby doesn't want the laundry down there which is fine by me. I don't want to have to carry it up and down 2 flights of stairs since our bedrooms are on the 2nd floor. That is nice of your mom. I would have done more but she wouldn't let me. I was happy to play with her son. I picked him up from preschool today because she had a doctors visit. We had fun for a few hours, just us.


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