Friday Freebies

I went to Target and got free candy and lotion. I did pay 38¢ tax for it. I had gotten a free coupon in the mail, last week, that I signed up for. The chocolates had a printable coupon 2 per phone. Thank goodness my kids have phones. I got 8 coupons but they only had 6 of the plain chocolate ones.

I got the other 2 another day when I was near a different Target.

My son brought home some goodies. These cans were dented and couldn't be sold. No one else wanted them so he brought the home with his usual goodies. He also got 2 free meals this week, one was for coming in early and one was for staying late.

My sister came over for breakfast Sunday morning and to drop off Lip. She brought fruit to have with breakfast.

She brought some GF goodies for YD to try.

She loved the cookies.

She also gave the girls shoes that she no longer uses. They are all the same size(7). I don't know where I got my big feet from(9).

YD finally finished unpacking from her Senior trip. She brought home the extra shampoo and soap from the room. She takes after me after all. 

I went to a library class and made a pillow. YD has it on her bed. 

Sears sent me a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase. So I went and looked at the Christmas clearance.

I got 9 hand soaps and 4 pairs of fuzzy socks. I used my points to pay for the 6¢ overage.

A $5 off $10 coupon printed out with the receipt. I was telling my sister about the mark downs when she called to check on Lip. She said if I was over there again to grab her 10 soaps . They were marked down to 50¢ each. So I went back with my coupon and got 20 more. They ended up being 27¢ each with the coupon. I am very well stocked up on hand soap now. 

A friend needed to talk. She has a lot going on and she asked if I would go out to lunch with her. I suggested Panera since I had a gift card. So free lunch for me. 

I had gotten a coupon for a free box of tacos. I had called and complained when I had opened a box and they were crushed. They sent me the coupon to make up for it.

My sister came to pick up Lip. She wanted to go to BJ's (she doesn't have a membership) so YD and I went with her. I picked out a few things and she kept asking YD what she wanted. Can you guess what YD picked out? When we went to pay she insisted on paying for everything. I did go through my coupons before we went to see what was on her list. I saved her $22.25 with coupons. She then let me have the receipt and I did Ibotta. Free $!

She took us out for dinner for Hubby's birthday since she wasn't around. She made reservations at a great steak house. We shared appetizers and had dessert at my house. 

Dinner was delicious. 

We brought home all of the leftovers. My sister gave her's to my son since she had plans for today. He is taking them to work today for dinner. We will have ours for dinner too. I have some sides to serve with them to stretch out the meal. 

Did you get any freebies this week? 


  1. That was a great week. You really know how to score free and almost free.

    1. I have the time to devote to coupons and sales now that I don't have a paying job.

  2. Mcoia you did so well stocking up your household with such a minimal expense, good on you.

    Our freebies this week were given to us by our neighbour who is an avid fishing person along with her family -

    - about 500 g of whiting fillets.
    - And 500 g of calamari

    We had 1 meal each from the whiting fillets and cod we previously were given. Although I am allergic to calamari DH will love it so that will be a nice treat for him.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful week where they added to their pantries with minimal costs :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Hubby loves calamari and had it as an appetizer when we went out to eat. I wont touch it. Free seafood is wonderful. Enjoy.

  3. You have a very generous sister.

    1. I do. I am lucky to have her and so are my kids. She is an amazing aunt.

  4. This was my week to receive some awesome gifts as well. My mother-in-law was given some gluten-free items she was not going to use, so now we have cake mix, some coconut, some whey powder (no idea what to do with that, but I'll figure it out), and a couple other items from her. She also sent a little terra cotta figure to put in the brown sugar to keep it from getting hard.

    My mom brought over a lot of almond flour she was not using. I'm thrilled to have it.

    I got a candy for my Friday Freebie at Fred Meyers. It wasn't free, but I also got $1.99/lb butter.

    I went to a quilt store for some items to finish the baby quilt I'm making for Rob's nephew's upcoming baby. While there, they gave me a free kit for a block and signed me up for a shop hop. We went to the other 2 shops that were near by, and they each gave me a free kit for a block. The idea is if you visit all the shops on the list, you will get enough kits to make a small quilt. Some are pretty far away, so I likely won't visit them all, but I'm excited to make the kits I got. It has been many years since I quilted, so it's been fun to get back into it a bit. I was able to use a lot of fabric I have had for years in this quilt, but needed to buy a few things to finish. It's been fun.

    1. Glad you got so many freebies this week. I put on your blog a few ideas for the whey powder. It is not flour so do not us it as one or you will mess up your recipe. That is a great idea for the shop hop. Is there a time limit to do it? Maybe over the year you can do some day trips and visit other shops.

  5. We spent last week moving Mom into assisted living after we sold her house. My basement is full of things we stored since we weren't sure what all Mom would need. Monday I went to check on her and she gave me a jewelry box full of items from my grandparents, watches, tie clips, broaches, earrings, etc. I will need to sort through them and pass them on to people in the family who will appreciate them. They are not expensive items, just family heirlooms. It is impossible to list all the things I have received from her house these past two weeks.

    1. I'm glad your mom is settling in finally. You have been running around with everything for her. Emptying a house is a huge job. I remember helping my parents after my grandparents passed. I hope you are able to use lots of the items. That is nice of you to share the jewelry. I would have loved a piece of my grandmother's jewelry for me and my girls but that did not happen.


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