Adding to my Pantry

I am going to be so sad when my Stop & Shop is done being remodeled. I went several times this week because they just keep marking items down. I am taking full advantage of the deals while I can get them.

On my first trip, I scored organic ground beef. Usually it is so out of my price range but this week it was $1.87 a pound. I see lots of chili and tacos in our future.

I also grabbed mozzarella that was on sale for $1.99 each limit 4.

 The 20 packs of Cascade were marked $1.74. That is less then 9¢ a piece. 

8 packs of dog food were $1.12.  That is 14¢ each. Oreo isn't picky and will love these. These are great for traveling. 

YD and I went on the way to the movies. It was POURING rain. There had been racks of makeup marked down. She bought a bunch of stuff. Her most expensive item was $3 and it was originally $15. She did really well. She even got a few items for some friend's upcoming birthdays. 

I grabbed the Tazo tea at 99¢ each. 

Cotton ovals were 59¢ each. I bought all they had.

I couldn't pass up the canned meat for 50¢. We don't normally eat it but for that price we can. If not Oreo would. 

I got a dozen of each soup. They were 47¢ each. 

They are good until 2021. I like to have easy meals for days when we are sick or in a hurry. It prevents us from getting take out which can blow a budget. These are GF so YD can eat them. Some of them will be going to school with her in the fall. 

My last trip was the best. Chicken was marked down because it had a sell by date for the next day. This is when I LOVE my extra freezer. 

Chicken breasts not on the bone were 79¢ a pound. I have not seen it that low in years. Maybe because of Easter they had a ton leftover. There were strikes in other states so Hubby said maybe we got some of their meat deliveries. I don't know why but I was very happy. 

I peeled the sticker back to see the original price. I paid $3.60 and they originally wanted $13.37. I texted several friends that enjoy marked downs like I do to let them know. 

Then I saw premade burgers for 99¢ a pound. I put some chicken back because Hubby will take a burger over chicken any day. I on the other hand would choose chicken. 

My freezers are officially full. I don't think I could fit a piece of paper in them. I had wanted to get a ham this week but we enjoy burgers and chicken more. I did get a few single items that were marked down. 

Sorry I haven't been around. YD had part of last week off and all of this week off. We have been doing lots of outings together plus some doctor/dentist appointments. While she has been at work, I have been out in the gardens. I hope to be posting more next week when she is back at school. 

Have you added anything to your pantry? Have you gotten any good marked down items or sale items? 


  1. WOW! You did fantastic, what great markdowns. I would be going several times each week too if I were you. :)

  2. The best I could do this week was better than free "cup of noodles" after Ibotta rebate and 50¢ a can beans.
    You got amazing deals!

  3. Excellent deals--especially the Tazo tea.


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