April 2019 Goals Updated

April is gone. My allergies have been bad but not horrible. I have been busy doing yard work on every nice day. So much to do. It has rained a lot this month. Glad it wasn't snow. Let us see how I did. 
- Put 15% into retirement. Thank you 401K plan. 
Grocery Budget of $500 average for the year.  I think I went a little over with all the marked down meat. I have a few receipts that I need to enter still. 
- List 20 new items on eBay and Craigslist. I listed 25 items
- Go over our budget with Hubby Did it!
- Go over the kid's budgets with each of them. We do this every month. 
- YD apply for scholarships.She applied for a few. They are mostly done except for a few. They will pick up again in June. 
- Deposit tax refund into college account Done.

- Celebrate Easter with OD early We had a great time. She was finding eggs for over a week. 
- Celebrate Easter with extended family We went to my sister's house and had a wonderful time. 
- Go on a date with Hubby We went to see Captain Marvel for free just the 2 of us. 
- Visit OD We finally met Ruby in person. 
- Talk with OD at least 5 times a week. We talk almost everyday. 
- Help at Hubby's work fundraiser This got pushed to May. 
- Go to Accepted Student day at college We had a great day and learned a lot. 
- YD dentist No cavities! 
- Figure out what YD still needs for college. There is a list. When we think of something she adds it. 
- Get prom dress altered The appointment is this weekend
- Enjoy Spring break with YD We went to Old Westbury Gardens, 2 movies and I treated her to a crepe. She worked a bunch too. 

- Work out 15 minutes every other day. I have been doing the stairs and some low cardio. And yard work.
- Go for walk on any nice day I have gone on lots of walks. Some on a few crummy days. 
- Read 2 books Nope
- Have friends over for lunch We went out. I used a gift card. 

- Do one meatless meal a day. Did it.
- Do one day a week with no meat at all. We did 5
- Try 2 new recipes.  I made Paula Dean's french toast casserole (I made it dairy free). It was good, not great. 
- Get another pantry item to 6 months. Tea, canned soup and dishwasher pods. Thank you clearance racks. 
- No food waste.  We had some and I prefer not to talk about it. I will do better in May. 

- Declutter I did a several more bags to the church. 
- Clean fence It has been so rainy, it will get done in May

- Plant more seeds that need to be started indoors. Done
- Transplant seedlings into bigger pots Done
- Prep garden areas for planting in early May I am borrowing my Dad's tiller this weekend. 
- Put fresh mulch in front gardens Hubby didn't get to it. 
- Get compost from town site with son I used some of my compost from my bin. 
- Plant flowers in pots Still need to do this. 

- Get prices for new sliding door. It is getting done next week.
- Get prices for Bilco door. It is ordered and will be delivered next week. 

How did you do in April? 


  1. You did really well @Mcoia and got most things accomplished.

    We didn't set goals for the month that I listed here but we did manage to -
    - Finish pulling down the grapeyard vineyard enclosure.
    - Chop up not so good wood to make another 1 cubic metre of firewood.
    - Found out our 3 rainwater tanks are connected saving us $1249 over having a plumber do it. Unfortunately we found the water connection pipe when we were digging a garden and had to spend $40 to fix the pipe with connectors and joiners and also decided to put in another gate valve for the 3rd tank so we can operate it from nearer the house in the tank stand shed rather than walking down to the tank in the yard.
    - Financially we paid 2 fortnightly mortgage payments of the minimum and an extra $410 this month. This will reduce both time and interest on the loan.
    - Put more savings into our bank emergency account, home emergency kitty and general savings account too.
    - We also had date afternoons together as a husband and wife once a week too.

    Have a great week :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

  2. I did OK in April and wrote about it on my blog today. You did a great job even exceeding some of your goals for April. Way to go!

  3. Wow you had a great April, wish I cold be as productive as you are.

    1. You were in different ways. How many prom dresses did you do? You also cleaned out a house and watched little ones often. You were very busy.


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