Old Westbury Gardens Part 1

Saturday morning youngest daughter, Hubby and I went to Old Westbury Gardens for the day. I had reserved the pass from the library back in February so it cost us nothing. I packed a picnic lunch and we were set. 

I have been trying to get here with the kids the last few years but something has always come up so we haven't gotten there. This year we finally made it. 

It was a beautiful sunny day. The wind was a little much at times but otherwise it was perfect. 

YD wants my husband to build her a cottage like this for her. It was so cute. 

I haven't been her since I was a kid and there was so much more then I remembered. It is about 40 minutes from our house but it was a great day trip. YD asked if we could come back this summer when the roses are all in bloom. 

There were hidden jems all over the property. The flowers were beautiful but I love the architecture. 

If you stood in the right spot all of the arches on the walkway lined up perfectly with the curves in the wall to make circles. 

There were several fountains scattered all over the property. 

We counted 6 sun dials on the property. I'm sure we missed a few

On the back of the lake was a secluded little spot for lovers.

There were benches scattered throughout the property. They were all donated. 

They are currently doing a roof restoration to the main house so it was closed. It is supposed to reopen at the end of May. We are hoping to go back to be able to look around inside.

But look at that front lawn. It is huge. 

Some of our favorite statues...

The kids were climbing on them all day. I could barely get a picture without a kid on them. Who needs a playground. 

This walkway was in the rose garden. In a few months it will be covered is roses of all different colors. Maybe I can get Hubby to build me one. 

We had a great time. If you ever make it to Long Island, let me know. I will meet you at Old Westbury Gardens for a picnic. 


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