Friday Freebies

Happy National Donut Day. Today I will be going to my local Duck Donuts for a free cinnamon donut. They were kind enough to send me an email to remind me. There is no coupon needed. I know lots of other places are doing some kind of deal today, some of them you need to make a purchase to get the free donut so just check out the details. 

Here are the freebies that I have gotten this week. I have been using up my free birthday coupons. 

My son and I went to IHOP one morning that he wasn't working. I used my free stack of pancakes coupon and drank water. I did pay for my son's meal though. 

I went to Panera and and got a cinnamon bun as my free pastry. They are so good. Since my son works there, I am allowed a free drink. I snacked on this while I ran lots of errands. 

My son and I hit up Dunkin Donuts on our way home from Lowes one afternoon. He helped me pick up mulch. We shared  a large caramel frozen coffee. 

I had a $5 off coupon to Ace Hardware. I paid less then a dollar for the 2 of these. 

I find change all of the time, I just don't think to post it. I found this in a Coinstar machine the other day.

I got a free chicken sandwich from Mcdonalds. My son got the burger. 

My son keeps us supplied in bread and pastries from his job. I gave a loaf to my BIL and my neighbor. 

My sister happily ate the blueberry muffin. She came over to go with us to Scholarship night for YD. YD did so well. She received 2 awards and 1 scholarship. 

My sister made her a bouquet of flowers from her yard. 

She also brought her some GF treats. 

YD also had a science symposium. She did a wonderful job on her project and presentation. She received 2 awards. She also had a free lunch and was given this large mug. 

We have been enjoying lots of free herbs from my garden as well as strawberries and kale. 

I used the rest of my Stop & Shop gift cards that I won. It was fun while it lasted. I received one of the $5 rebates that I sent in for the beer that I had bought previously.

I printed a coupon up for these dairy free bars. Hubby loved them. He also printed up a coupon for them. I have asked several other family/friends to print them up so we will have a nice supply for Hubby this summer. 

This was a freebie from Stop & Shop. I mixed it in with Oreo's food and she loved it. She loves strawberries and bananas. 

Cheerios were on sale for 99¢ each. I bought 4. With coupons, 2 of them were free.  

When I went back for another box of non dairy ice pops, I got these Poptarts on the clearance rack.

I also grabbed these candy bars. My son loves them. I had a $2 off your next order from the last time I had shopped. They were free. 

 Hubby has been working the last few Friday nights on a project. He is salary so he doesn't get overtime. He did such a great job and stayed past midnight both times that his boss gave him a gift card and told him to take me out to eat. I told him I would rather spend it on groceries. Porterhouse steaks were on sale for $5.99 and he loves them. I had bought one pack with the Stop & Shop gift card. So I went back and bought some more with this. There is still a lot of money on this gift card to use for something else. We will have several very nice meals at home for a fraction of the cost. 

I went out to breakfast with some friends. I used  gift card to pay for it. Hubby got dinner on the night he worked really late paid for by work. My son covered a shift and got a free meal for it. I went out to eat with the elderly gentlemen that I help for lunch and he pays for it. I brought leftovers home and my son had them for lunch the next day. 

Did you get any freebies this week? What are you getting from your garden?


  1. I love all the freebies you get throughout your week. That was good planning on your part to use the gift card dh got from work for groceries. It will definitely stretch much farther that way, I got the chocolate croissant from Panera Bread for my free pastry this eek. I've not tried the cinnamon roll. I will have to try that next time.

    1. The cinnamon rolls are so good. I microwave them for 20 seconds so the get gooey.


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