Friday Freebies

My sister offered us these chairs for our front porch. They are from her house that she is selling. There are 4 of them but only 3 fit. They are much nicer then the ones we had.

When I went to pick them up I picked a bunch of flowers from her gardens. 

YD and I went to Tropical Smoothie for a free smoothie. They do it every year on National flip flop day. You just have to wear flip flops. My son was working so I kept mine for him. 

I got a few freebies in the mail.

I used a $2 off a you pick 2 and part of the bonus gift card to get lunch one day at Panera. 

I have been getting lots of parsley, peas and kale from the garden. The kale gets put in the freezer for smoothies. 

I dried some parsley one day when I was making apple chips and didn't have enough to fill the dehydrator. Might as well start drying some herbs. 

My huge aloe plant had a baby so I transplanted it into a smaller pot. YD wants to take it to college with her. 

I picked up another birthday freebie from Sephora. It went into my gift stash. 

I told all of my friends and family about the free coupon for Coconut Bliss. Several of them didn't want it so they gave them to me. Hubby is very happy. He loves the bars. He hasn't tried the pint yet. 

I went to the dentist and got a few goodies. I am good for 6 months. 

I had ECBs that were going to expire at CVS so I got dish soap. 

I had 2 coupons for a free bottle of soda from A&W. These are going to the graduation party. 

I bought gift cards at Stop & Shop. They had a special if you bought $50 worth you got $7.50 in groceries. I broke it up into 5 orders.

I spent a little over $4 for all of the groceries. The pork ended up being less then the label said so I grabbed the M&Ms to get it there. 

My son brought home leftover bread from work. I made french toast with the cinnamon raisin. We have been having egg sandwiches on the round loaves. The other loaf went into the freezer. 

Did you get any freebies this week? What are you picking in your garden? 


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