May 2019 Goals Updated

- Put 15% into retirement. Thank you 401K
Grocery Budget of $500 average for the year. I was under thanks to the gift cards I won. I did stock up a lot this month for YD Graduation party. Usually I set $100 extra aside for a party but now I won't have to. I spent $397.17 out of pocket. 
- List 20 new items on eBay and Craigslist. I listed 28 items. I sold only 2 but I did make $80 from the 2 items. 
- Go over our budget with Hubby We do it every month. It is how we stay accountable. 
- Go over the kid's budgets with each of them. Did it. They are doing great. I wish I knew everything I know now at their ages. 
- YD apply for scholarships. She did a few

- Go see OD when she visits my sister. Unfortunately OD had to cancel her trip because Ruby got hurt. 
- Celebrate Mother's Day. My kids and Hubby took very good care of me. 
- Celebrate my 45th birthday. I was spoiled lots!
- Go on a date with Hubby We went out to lunch using a gift card. We went to his companies fundraiser and we went to an engagement party. 
- Talk with OD at least 5 times a week.We talk all the time. 
- Help at Hubby's work fundraiser  We had a great time and raised a bunch of money for a great cause. 
- Son has the dentist No cavities! 
- Get prom dress altered We dropped it off and will get it this week. 
- Enjoy long Memorial Day weekend We went to a BBQ at a friend's house, we went to my BIL's for his 50th birthday. On the actual day we did a lot of yard work and Hubby did a BBQ. 
- Go to my cousin's engagement party It was a great night out
- Senior Banquet for YD She had a great time. She wore an outfit and shoes that she already owned. She looked beautiful. 
- AP exams for YD She took them all. We are waiting for the results. 

- Work out 15 minutes every other day. Didn't happen unless yard work counts. 
- Go for walks every other day I went for a bunch of walks but not every other days worth. 
- Read 2 books Way to busy to sit and read. 

- Do one meatless meal a day. Done!
- Do one day a week with no meat at all.  We had 6 this month. 
- Try 2 new recipes.  I don't think we tried any new recipes this month. 
- Get another pantry item to 6 months. I was focused on getting items for the graduation party at the lowest price. I did get a bunch of bobbins and thread for $1 at a yard sale and they are going to last me years. 
- No food waste.  I know some bread went moldy and 1/2 of a cucumber went in the garbage. 

- Clean fence It is about half way done. A little at a time. 

Garden/ Yard
- Plant large garden Done finally!
- Plant small garden It is tilled. I need to get my beans planted. 
- Plant more lettuce seeds for later pickings. I have 2 sets of lettuce planted already. I will do a 3rd set in 2 weeks. It will keep us in lettuce hopefully all summer long. 
- Plant herbs in pots Done. I have been picking lots of parsley already. 
- Put fresh mulch in front gardens Not yet. 
- Plant flowers in pots Not yet either. 
- Remove front bushes Did it
- Plant flowers and herbs in the front garden beds We have a plan, we just need to get it done. 
- Clean up area by compost bin It is mostly cleaned up so I am counting it good. My FIL needs to pick up some wood he wanted and then it will be done. 

- Have sliding door and window installed It came out great. I love the extra light in the kitchen
- Hubby install Bilco doors He did a great job. 
- Have electric meters updated and condensed to one Done. Just waiting for PSEG to inspect them to be done. 
- Have siding done It came out beautiful. I love the color I picked. 
- Paint front porch Done. 

How did you do on your May goals? 


  1. Good job! YES, yard work IS exercise!

    1. My arms have been sore for weeks from all of the garden work and washing the fence. And boy do I sweat!


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