My Garden July 7, 2019

 I have been in my house for almost 20 years and have been gardening longer then that. I always helped my dad since I was little. When I lived in an apartment I would help him and get veggies in return. This year, gardening has been very interesting. Every year is different and this year has been crazy different. I couldn't plant most things until mid June because of all of the rain. Even planting then, I lost a bunch of my tomato plants. 

My herbs however don't mind all of the rain. They have been doing great. I have been drying lots for this winter and using loads fresh for cooking. 

I grow all of the herbs from seed usually. My son saw mints plants so we are trying them this year. They are in pots on the patio far from the garden. 

I am growing several different types of peppers, some hot and some sweet.

 Some of the plants are very large with small peppers, 

some are very small plants with large peppers, 

While others are very large plants and they have tiny little peppers with lots of flowers. 

The cucumbers are growing up the fence. 

The squash plants are getting bigger every day. 

Some of my tomato plants finally got flowers. I hope October stays warm because I am going to need it to be if I am going to get a good crop. 

Eggplants are starting to bloom too. 

The peas are still doing great. I can't remember the last time my peas were still giving me some in July. 

The kale is out of control. Don't mind the weeds. 

The raspberries I got free earlier this year are looking great. 

They are starting to open up.

Hopefully I can beat the animals to them. 

A month ago, I thought I was going to get very little. Now, I am happily optimistic. I am still hoping to get some bush beans planted. I just have to get them done. 

How is your garden doing? What are your growing this year? 



  1. Yur season is behind ours, but things look like they are doing good!

  2. Oh everything is growing so nicely. Your herbs and peppers look beautiful and healthy.

  3. Everything looks so nice! You will have a great garden. We had cool and rain for what seemed forever so planting was late here too. Now it's hot and dry. Well, see!
    Yours looks wonderful

    1. Thank you. I usually can enough tomatoes to get throw most of the year. If I have to, I will buy some from a local farm. Summer ones are so much better then the ones the stores sell in the middle of the winter.

  4. I did not know that raspberries looked like that! They are pretty. I love them. I wonder if I could grow those in huge pots.

    1. I don't know. They are very long. We tied them up to try to keep them under control.

  5. My raspberries are very different from yours. Yours are very interesting. Mine are just red berries😄😄

    Your garden looks like it will produce something. Although I read of orher gardens that are way ahead of mine, I still don’t have cucumbers, tomatoes, beans or zucchini. I will soon, though

    1. I would love to see what your berries look like. Maybe you can put a picture up on your blog. That is what they all look like near me. I'm sure they are just different kinds. I hope both of our gardens give us lots of produce to can.

  6. Our entire (small) yard is a garden of mixed food, perennials and annuals. Our Blackberry patch is going gangbusters for 2y now. I planted 6 bare root organic thornless about 7y ago.. Last year was the 1st time we had enough to make jam/syrup. It looks like this y will be fantastic as well.

    I too planted late. We were very wet well into June. I have: 24 tomatoes, 18 peppers-a big variety, 16 eggplant, herbs., 5each: spaghetti squash, delicata squash, zucchini.

    I look forward to making/canning lots of salsa and freezing at least 50 quarts of ratatouille. This recipe is to die for: So worth the work.

    1. That is great that you get so many blackberries. I am hoping in a few years I will have enough to make jam with. I will have to check out your recipe. Thanks.

  7. I believe these are wineberries. It's an invasive Japanese weed here in our area but I love them.


    1. Everyone around here calls them raspberries. They look and taste just like the raspberries I buy at the store.

    2. So I looked up wine berries and a picture of my berries popped up. They are a form of raspberries it says. Who knew? Everyone around here calls them raspberries. These are the same type I used to picked up state NY too. You learn something new everyday.


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