Goals for 2020: January Progress

January is already over. That went really fast. We did get a lot done. I think with it being cold and our goals on our minds that we do more earlier in the year. 

#1 Max out Hubby's 401K  We are allowed to put $19K in this and his company does a partial match. Looking long term here. We are currently putting 15% into Hubby's 401K. His job does a match too. 

 #2  Add to our Roth IRA We can add $6500 to this. Again looking long term here. We will do this before the year is up.

 #3 Pay cash for OD's wedding  We have given her the budget that we can contribute. We have already paid for her dress, shoes and the DJ. We have money set aside already for the rest of this. We booked the AirBNB and paid for half of it. It was a better option then several hotel rooms. We put a deposit down for the hair and makeup. YD has her dress and shoes. Everything is coming along.

 #4 Pay cash for bridal shower  I spoke with OD's future mother in law. I am doing a small shower on Long Island. She is doing a small shower in Maryland. We are going to both. It is easier for all of our families this way. I found some holiday clearance that isn't really holiday. They will be prizes for the shower. I also got a few gifts for OD that were on sale /marked down.  

#5 Pay cash for YD's college. This is already saved and ready to go.Spring semester is paid in full. She is working on a few scholarships so hopefully she will get more $.  

#6 Get a newer car My minivan is a 2006. Hubby's truck is a 2004. We have been saving money for a newer car for a while. This year one of us will upgrade.Hubby got a new to us truck. It is a 2011 Ford. He loves it. We paid cash for it. 

#7 Fix house main beam We have no clue how much this is going to cost. We will get several estimates before we choose.We haven't done anything on this yet. 

#8 Pay extra on the mortgage We are hoping after the wedding, to start paying extra towards the mortgage. Nothing yet. 

#9 Declutter and organize basement This is an ongoing battle that we have. The only storage in our house is our unfinished basement. Hubby has gotten rid of some things. He hung some shelves that we had to make it more organized. Hubby and I also cleaned out the office. I have been shredding papers for days. Hubby took a box of DVDs to work. It looks great. 

#10 Build bookshelf outside YD's room There is a nook area that would be a great spot for a large bookshelf. We have bookshelves all throughout the house. This would get rid of several. Hubby did a great job on this. YD and I donated a bunch o books. 

#11 Install in ground sprinklers in the front yard. This was supposed to happened last year. My BIL got hurt and needed surgery so it got put on hold. Hubby and my BIL are doing it this spring. It is too cold to do this now. 

#12 Flower beds in front yard We did the siding and front porch last year. This year is the flower beds. I want to do lots of edible plants. This will happen in the spring. 

#13 Solar on the shed Hubby would like a solar panel put on the shed. There is no electricity out there. This would allow him to have some. We would do this ourselves. Hubby has been looking into this. 

#14 Lose 40 pounds I am putting it out there. I would like to lose some weight before the wedding. I would be happy with 25 but I should lose 40. I do better when things are written so I'm writing it. I lost 4 pounds and I will take it. 

#15 Hubby's 50th Birthday Hubby will be 50 in February 2021. I need to figure out what we want to do and start saving for it. 

Did you make an goals for 2020? Did you start working on them yet? 


  1. I am forever gaining and losing 30lb BUT my tried and true method done with healthy weight loss in mind is 1st 4 weeks breakfast is coffee, 8-16oz water with supplements Lunch 12 noon 4 oz protein with some green vegetables like asparagus/broccoli/spinach almost unlimited steamed with pink salt and pepper
    Dinner 4oz of fish or seafood vegetables again just not starchy ones like corn
    Green tea at night
    WEEK 4 add in 2 fruits a day
    WEEK 6 add in 1 serving of yogurt in AM with chia/flax
    Works every single time I do it, I walk 30mins every day that's all the excercise I get
    Would love to add cycling, yoga or weights when not working so much- maybe by age 70 lol

    1. I can't wait for the nice weather so I can start walking everywhere again.

  2. You got yourself some big goals. I sure hope you are able to obtain them all. Love the truck. I think if/when I get something different I might try for something like that.
    Everything looks so pretty.

    1. Get a truck with a step. Hubby's old one didn't have one so it made it harder to get into. This one has one and it is great.


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