Adding to my Pantry

It was my birthday this week. I am 44 years old. My sister came over to celebrate and brought lobsters and steaks. She is always very generous and she brought way too much. Hubby cooked and it was delicious.

There was leftover lobster that I happily ate the next day. We put the extra pack of steaks in the freezer for another night.

My sister brought lemons for the lobsters and the kale drinks that my daughter loves. 

She gave me lots of snacks and Ziploc baggies for my birthday. I love that she knows I don't need more stuff.  The chocolate covered pretzels are so good. 

YD gave me my favorite cookies for my birthday. These will not last long. I have no control when it comes to these. 

My son brought home lots of bagels, cookies and pastries. The chocolate pastries are my favorite. 

 I did do some shopping this week. Hubby and I went to Stop & Shop. They had corn on sale 10 for $2 which is the best I can get it around here. We got 20 corns. Buns were on sale for $1 and I had a digital coupon for $1 off 2, so one of them was free. The yogurt and baby food were free thanks to coupons. I gave my neighbor the baby food. She has a 6 month old grandson. The watermelon was on sale $2.99.

The ribs were on sale for $1.99 a pound. We got 2 packs. Hubby smoked 1 pack and a chicken that was in the freezer. 

The eggs were marked down to 89¢. They were jumbo and there was only 1 missing. 

My total for Stop & Shop was $36.32.

We needed fresh fruit so I stopped at Meat Farms. I hit the marked down rack, I got the apples and oranges for $1.59 each.There were 8 apples and 10 oranges. I picked up YD from drivers education right after so I ate 2 oranges while waiting and then she had one on the ride home. They were very sweet and juicy. I also grabbed a 10 pound bag of onions that my son put right into the basement for me. Grapes were on sale for 99¢ a pound. 

 Total at Meat Farms was $12.92. 

Shop Rite was having some great condiment sales because of Memorial Day. I went after work one day. They were out of most things so I got rain checks.  With digital coupons I got the 2 ice creams for $1.50 each. The  hummus was on sale for $1.99. The olives were on sale for $1 each.  Sauerkraut and BBQ sauce were both on sale but not in stock. 

Shop Rite total was $22.82.

Total for all grocery shopping this week was $71.06. I did Ibotta and will get 75¢ back. 

What did you get to add to your pantry this week? Did you take advantage of any good sales? Do you get rain checks when the store doesn't have what you want?


  1. Hi Mcoia and you did really well on stocking your pantry with reduced fruit and meat and the lobster and steak look beautiful too and a truly special treat.

    Happy belated birthday to you and it sounds like you had a great day with family :).

    Here is how we added to our pantry this week -

    - We traded 14 stubbies of failed homebrew beer that was given to us by a friend for a 3kg leg of grass fed pork freshly butchered from his farm. He is using this in bug traps to keep bugs away from his vegetables. He was grateful because beer is expensive to buy and neither him or us drink alcohol.
    - $100 in free groceries we got with our 2 x $350 e- vouchers we purchased on eBay.
    - I used one of the $350 E-Vouchers for our 2 monthly grocery shop and turned that into an additional $24 in savings with specials.
    - Used our other $350 E-Voucher for staples such as flour, sugar, tinned mushrooms, tinned fruit, cocoa powder, body wash,scouring sponges, metal scourers, chux cloths, body wash and dishwashing liquids. I saved an additional $2 with specials on the body wash.
    - $30 in free groceries with another 2 in store vouchers for $15 off $100 purchase for our supermarket we got in the mail a couple of times this week which I coupled with weekly specials on probiotics and Echinacea and zinc tablets on 50% off special saving an additional $40 on usual prices.
    - Harvested 100kg of organically grown sweet potatoes from the gardens which are now free to us saving $900 over purchasing organic ones in our local supermarket.

    By taking up the 2 x $15 off $100 vouchers I got items I normally buy at Aldi like tinned and dry cat food, body wash and eggs far cheaper from our local supermarket.

    We have built up our stocks in the food storage room on tinned corn, baked beans, tinned mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, white sugar, tinned two fruits, tinned pears and tinned mangoes. In the kitchen we have built up stocks of scouring sponges and metal scourers.

    It has been a good pantry stocking week all round :).


  2. I had a great birthday. Thank you. You must have been very tired after all of that shopping. You did amazing. All the extra deals really add up. You saved so much.

    I cannot believe how many sweet potatoes you got. That is crazy. You will get some wonderful meals out of them. Will they last you all year? I have never stored sweet potatoes long so I don't know how long they will last.

    That is a great use on the failed beer. I know people that use beer traps for bugs here too. I guess even though it tastes bad to people it would still be good to bugs.

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. I am glad you had a good birthday :).

    We are over the moon about our harvest of sweet potatoes too and all out of a 1.5m x 9mt garden bed.

    With the sweet potatoes we blanch and freeze them for the freezer using the freezer instructions 3/4's of the page on this website - and just click on each vegetable for instructions on how to freeze each. They will definitely last us a year as we use other vegetables with them.

    We also use them fresh and bake them and make soups out of them too like yesterday and today we had a potato and sweet potato soup.

    A lot of gardeners here use beer for gardening bugs usually slaters and slugs that both eat vegetables veraciously. We use the beer baits for the slugs that attack our strawberries here. We did not need 24 stubby bottles of it though :).

    We still have a credit of $87.21 on one of our $350 e-vouchers as they were out of stock on a few things we ordered online so I will use this for specials that I see along with making 2 types of tinned fruits and jellies up to a 12mth level . To be frank we are sick of shopping for groceries but glad and blessed in how much these opportunities have increased our food stocks.


    1. OK the freezer makes sense. I have read that sweet potatoes don't store as well as regular potatoes in the pantry. That's why I asked. I think I would be sick of shopping too. Glad you got so much of your storage up to 12 months. I makes me always feel better when my storage is full.


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