5 things that are making me happy...

#1. The weather! It is going to be mid 70's again today. We have not used the heat or air conditioner in 2 months. My electric bill is loving it too. This weather is amazing. It is the middle of June. We are having some very cool weather in our area because it is usually upper 80's by now. But I love it. Jeans and a t-shirt are perfect for me. Working in the yard and garden after dinner is so comfortable. No sweating!

#2. My youngest daughter! I had to work yesterday. I am actually working 5 days this week. She had a final in the morning and that was it. When I came home from work the dishwasher had been run and unloaded, she had emptied the dish drain, brought in all the laundry I had hung on the line and folded it and vacuumed upstairs. All of this without me asking! It was a wonderful way to come home from work.

#3. My garden! I already have peppers on 3 of my pepper plants. There are flowers all over my pea plants and bush beans, cucumbers and squash are popping through the dirt every day. I love going out every morning to see what is going on. 

#4. A Hubby that loves to cook! I came home to a big pot of matzo ball soup that Hubby made. He had yesterday off and was doing work around the house and on his truck. He decided he would cook too. I will eat it if someone else wants to cook it. It was delicious.  He used the egg noodles that I had put on the side because they were past best buy date when I went through our food storage. Gotta love a guy who cooks and uses oldest items first. Now if I could get him to do the dishes. 

#5. Free stuff! Our neighbors are moving and downsizing. Hubby went over to talk to them yesterday after dinner. He came home with this tool chest. They wouldn't take any money from us for it. This will get rid of several tool boxes hubby has stacked in the basement. Its on wheels so it will make it much easier to move around instead of lifting. I also got a free sample of coffee in the mail. 

What is making you happy today? Did anyone do anything for you to make your life a little easier? 


  1. It is making me happy that a new window ac is being installed today. I have been sweaty three nights in a row and only going out to Wm or somewhere cool has dried me off from all the sweat.

    1. I can'y sleep if I am hot and sweaty. Glad you got the AC

  2. I so love this post! Today I am just thankful for this cooler weather since the heat makes my Fibromyalgia flare up. ;)

    1. Glad you are feeling good. I hope it stays comfortable for you.

  3. Thanks Mcoia for the lovely post and it reminds us that there is always something to be grateful for during our week :), sewerage problems not being one of them though :( .

    #1 & #2 us that friends heard we had the flu and 2 friends brought home cooked soup for us to eat around to our home, so that is what we had twice this week while recovering. It was also our rostered turn to clean the chapel and when we got their one of our husband wife team friends had already done it for us, so lovely :). We did do more cleaning and cleaned rest rooms, mopped, cleaned windows and damp dusted skirting boards and disinfected and cleaned doors and door knobs. The chapel is twice as clean as it usually is now and we are grateful for that too.

    #3 we are starting to feel better and our energy levels are improving after having the flu and we are about at half energy levels to be able to do things again. Being as stubborn and independent as we are, we learnt to rest and pace ourselves on jobs that needed doing until we are fully recover.

    #4 we are grateful and thankful that our sweet potato crop has produced enough to supply us with a years worth of sweet potato for the 2 of us for the freezer. Our abundant crop has so far blessed 3 other families that we have given some to and in addition we were able to give some starts to a tradesman's family to start a crop in their garden to feed their family too. It will likely bless a few more families yet as we think we will still have too many for us.

    #5 a personal one for us is that we are now not budgeting down to whether we can afford a tin of baked beans or not, as we were 4 years ago due to circumstances beyond our control. Baked beans sit centre of our pantry as a reminder of how blessed we are. We now have substantial savings, plenty of food, a roof over our heads, no debts and have not had to buy vegetables, but a few, in 3 years due to starting our vegetable gardens.

    It is truly the little things most take for granted until we don't have them that we should be grateful for.


    1. Your #5 is so correct. I am so happy for you that things are so much better then they were 4 years ago. You did it all. You worked hard and sacrificed and God provided. Our lives are so different then they were 10 years ago. We had CC debt, card loans and we were living paycheck to paycheck. Our stress levels were crazy. Now we are debt free except for our mortgage, have an emergency fund, full pantries and so much less stress. We may not have a new shiny car but we have contentment and happiness. I will take that over a new car any day.


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