Thankful Day 12

Today I am thankful for leftovers. I had a very long busy day at work. I have several items that need to be eaten so we are having leftovers . I pulled some of YD GF mac n cheese out of the freezer so she is good too. I know there are people out there that do not enjoy leftovers. We are not those people. I am always very happy and thankful for them.

What are you thankful for today? 

Thankful Day 11


  1. Today we are thankful that we can go and visit our soon to be new to us home as a plumber is going out there to fix a leaking pipe under the house at the owners expense. The real estate is giving the plumber the keys and while the plumber is there we can get a quote on other work that needs to be done like realigning the gutters and plumbing the 3 tanks together for more water at no cost to us.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

  2. Thank you Mcoia and we did have a great day :).

    Turns out the 3 tanks are plumbed together underground and only a plumber could tell us that through the maze of pipework there. The gutter realigning cannot be done but we will do a work around and put in extra downpipes to run into the tanks also for new water to allow for the lack of fall in the gutters and subsequent water pooling.

    We did more planning on what to do first when we move in while we were there.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

    1. Lorna,
      You got me to thinking about water with your remarks. I don't really have to conserver water very much around here, as I live in a very rainy part of the state of Oregon, USA. But, last summer, we had a water shortage in our city since the lake where it comes from had an algae bloom and the water was not good for a time. We had to fill jugs from a truck the National Guard brought in, buy water, or take jugs to my sister's house. I'll bet you are amazing at water conservation. Hopefully, it will all get fixed so you have plenty to use, and plenty for your garden.

      Speaking of that, it's spring there, isn't it? Can you get a garden growing at the new place, or is it getting too hot as summer is approaching? Hopefully--garden!


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