My Frugal List: Week of April 9, 2018

Busy, Busy, Busy. That was my week. It was a really good week. The weather was beautiful this week finally. We had the heat off 3 days and nights. Windows were opened and I finally made it into my garden. My son and I were out there  prepping it so I can get my snap peas planted.

It was a slow week work wise as I only worked 2 days (10 hours) but when the weather is this nice who wants to be inside working. I did get several walks in too.

Hubby and I volunteered at a Cancer Fundraiser through Hubby's work. It was an amazing night and we raised over $16,000! We have been helping with this fundraiser the last few years and all of the people are really great. It is a nice night out and we get to help others too. Unfortunately our family has been affected by cancer as so many others have too. It is a wonderful cause and we also have a great time. Dinner and drinks are included. They do door prizes and a Chinese Auction. This year we won several prizes. First off we won a $50 gift card to a restaurant. We don't really like that restaurant so I figured we would give it to someone as a gift. Turns out that a coworker's sister won a gift card she didn't want, so we switched. We brought home a $50 gift card to Home Depot which we will use . She loves the restaurant and was very happy with the switch. We bought some tickets for the Chinese Auction as well. We won a Nespresso machine and pods. My sister has one(different model) and we love hers so we were very happy about this. Funny thing is when we opened the machine up, the pods they gave us as extras weren't the correct kind. I am going to try and see if I can exchange them at a store for the correct kind. If not my sister can use them. Lastly we won 4 tickets to a Poison /Cheap Trick concert. Don't know who we are going to ask yet, but it will be a lot of fun.

We are cat sitting this week. Good friends of ours went to California because their daughter is getting married. We were happy to watch their house and take care of their 2 cats. We have done this for them before and they watch our house when we go away. Having good friends/ neighbors is very important.They were so sweet and left us a gift for everything. Wine for Hubby and chocolate for me.

I have been cooking at home as usual. I made ham and lentil soup with a ham bone from my freezer. Onions, celery, and carrots also came from the freezer. Gave some to a friend that is having some health issues. She hasn't been eating a lot but loves soup. She really enjoyed it. We had Brown sugar flank steak, roasted chicken, big salad with chicken, pasta with sausage and red sauce,  and pasta fagioli. We did eat out Saturday at the fundraiser.  Breakfasts have been steel cut oats, bagels, egg sandwiches, and waffles with fruit compote. Lunches were leftovers, tuna salad, pasta salad and hard boiled eggs.

I made Oreo 3 containers of food from the skin/fat of the chicken I cooked, potato peels, carrot peels and end and string bean ends. She loves it added to her dry food. It really helps stretch her food that I buy. I put 2 of the containers into the freezer. Each container lasts 4 to 5 days.

I cleaned my laundry closest out. I pulled out lots of hotel samples and put them into the shower so they get used up. I cut up 2 old holey towels so that we can use them as rags. I condensed some items together. It looks much better. Laundry was finally hung outside. I opened a new box of fabric softener sheets. I took 10 minutes while watching YouTube to cut them into thirds. I had gotten the box a while ago at Dollar Tree when there was an Ibotta offer on fabric softener for 25 cents. They cost me 75 cents but will last me 3 times as long.

When I went to Aldi on Monday there was a cart in the lot. I walked over to get it and it was full of empty beer bottles. No one was near by so I brought the cart to my car and loaded the bottles into my trunk. I then went food shopping. I saw the store manager and told her what I had found. She said lots of people bring their beer bottles to return them and then leave them when they find out that they can't be returned there. So I didn't feel bad about keeping them. I also got the quarter from the cart. I went to BJ's later that week and returned all of the bottles and mine as well. When I go for walks I always bring a bag and pick up bottles and cans. I got $7.15 in returns.

The kids and I went to Ben & Jerry's for their free cone day. We took cups with the cones on the side. 

I found 51 cents this week.

Hubby had a work meeting and got a free breakfast with it. He also had to work late one night so I brought him dinner. We live very close to his office so it is no trouble. His office has drinks and snacks so I had a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie while Hubby ate dinner.

A coworker of Hubby's is moving out of her parents home. She let everyone know that she was happy to take anything second hand as all she has is a bed and couch. We gave her some dishes, glasses, an old coffee machine, a small toaster, a vase, a hand mixer. She was very thankful for it all. While I was going thru the basement looking for stuff, I also gave a bag of clothes, a bag of stuffed animals and a kids comforter set to our church outreach. 

Did all of our bills online saving stamps and trees.

Did a CVS Survey and Got $5ECB

Got lots of items added to my pantry by buying marked down  or on sale items. Then used Ibotta to get money back.

Sold 2 items on eBay

I didn't lose any weight this week but I also didn't gain any weight this week.

I garbage picked this week. My daughter and I were coming home when we drove past a large pile of stuff in front of a house with a sold sign. So I quickly turned around. I took 7 rolls of wrapping paper (some weren't even open) and a bag of charcoal that was 3/4 full.

Got our State tax check and put it right into the kids college fund.

I cut my bangs.

Hubby went to a store for a small part and he checked the marked down rack. He got silicone spray for 50% off.  Hubby fixed a kitchen cabinet that wouldn't stay closed.

My sister is still cleaning out her closets, she is going to be putting her house on the market in May. This time YD went to help her get boxes down from her attic and help with other chores. She came home with 2 pocketbooks, a small fan, a basket, a Halloween costume, an  IPhone cable, and some towels. My sister was going away so she also gave us some lettuce, carrots, 2 bottled drinks that YD likes and an open bottle of iced tea. 

My son closed at his job which means he is allowed to take home leftovers that otherwise would end up in the garbage. He also was given 2 salads that were paid for but never picked up that also would have gone in the garbage. I ate one the next day and so did he. I gave a friend some bagels and pastries. Free food and less waste!

We did our everyday things too. I washed Ziplocs, cut paper bags up for greasy foods, used a bag from 10 pounds of rice as a kitchen bag, brought lunch and drinks to work/school, watched Amazon Prime, picked up change. YD took the bus. 

We did have 2 fails this week. I threw out a cucumber that went moldy and we left Hubby's cream cheese at OD apartment. We will not see her until June so I think it will be bad by then. She  won't eat it since it is non dairy. Life happens!

How did you save money this week? Find any good deals? Did you have any fails? 


  1. Hello Marybeth you had a wonderful week by the looks of it and great pickups from your son on pastries, the roadside chairs too and I hope it brings a little more income into your home once you have done them up.

    Here is how our week went here -

    Financial -
    - We banked more money into our home deposit savings account bringing us to 24.76% of the way there.
    - Listed 10 items using a free listing promotion on eBay saving $16.50 on usual listing fees.
    - Between myself and DH we made an additional $57 in income this week. DH made his $50 from a lawn mowing and trimming job and I made $7 from the sale of saved garden seeds from the gardens. DH purchased more weed spray for his garden work and put the remaining $40.10 into our home emergency kitty to recoup some of the car battery expenses recently and I banked the $7 to make up some of the pantry stocking budget from our large stock up in February. It all helps :) .

    Purchases -
    - Purchased a back brace on special and bulk pain medications on a bulk script saving $111.90 on usual costs.

    Home organising -
    - Deep cleaned and decluttered fairly much the whole house, pressure cleaned the front and back outside verandas and swept and organised the 3 bay garage in a week to get ready for our rental inspection today which we passed with flying colours. As usual used our saved flannel rags and mostly homemade or pantry items to do all of the cleaning. It sparkles and smells so much fresher.

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.

    In the gardens -
    - Planted 62 broad bean seeds from saved seeds from our last crop saving $4.65 over purchasing them.
    - Trimmed all the roses, sweet potato and basil in the gardens and DH whipper snipped and mowed so the gardens also look neat and tidy.

    Now we are taking time to relax a bit after such a heavy week and will do our 2 monthly grocery shop this week. Always fun unloading and putting things both in our kitchen and food storage room in bulk storage containers and that pretty much takes up a whole day.

    Have a great week ahead everyone :).


    1. Home made bread is the best. Have a good shopping day. I hope you find lots of marked down items to stretch your money further. I can see how it would take you a long time to put everything away. 2 months of food is a lot of food.

  2. You had a very good week! I used Shoe Goo to save friend's shoes then use it on a pair of mine too. Now, our shoes will last longer and our feet will stay dry. I did more, but that will do for now.

    1. I use Crazy glue to fix our shoes. I will have to look into Shoe Goo.

  3. YOu did amazing!!! I'm glad you were able to trade gift cards and get one you would use.

    1. So was I. Otherwise I would have gifted it to someone.


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