Adding to my Pantry

Over the weekend I cleaned out my kitchen pantry with my youngest daughter. It needed it. It is a closet in my kichen that holds my washer and dryer. There are 2 shelves above them. The top shelf holds my equipment such as my waffle maker and crock pot. The lower shelf is my pantry. Years ago we had an ant problem so I had got plastic bins for my dry ingredients. When they run out I go get what I need from my food storage in the cellar.

The other side holds all of the odd shaped open packages. Cookies, chips, nuts and snacks. This is the after picture and it is much better then it was before. Unfortunately there is only the shelf. I will be looking for small shelves to put up there to make it more organized. It will give me a reason to go to garage sales. 

OK,  onto what I bought this week. I had several rain checks for Shop Rite. They also were having lots of great sales. With school ending and the kids friend's being over more I wanted some things for them too. The kids cereals as well as fruit snacks were buy 6 for $6. You could only do one offer. So I got 3 boxes of cereal and 3 boxes of fruit snacks. YD just got her braces off so she was so excited about the fruit snacks. The Special K was on sale for $1.99 if you bout 4. So I did. I also had $1 off coupon for 3. Its Hubby's favorite. Kellogg is also doing some free items with certain purchases. The cans of soda were on sale  4 12 packs for $10. That is cheaper then the Aldi soda. We don't drink much soda but it is nice to have on occasion. Mustards were on sale with rain check for 77¢ each. The ketchup, dressings and marshmallows were 88¢ each. The BBQ sauce was 99¢ each with rainchecks. I also has $1 off coupon.  The chips and granola bars were $1.99 each. 

Total at Shop Rite was $61.58. My favorite part of the receipt is were they break down what you saved. I saved $59.69 on this order. I did Ibotta and Kellogg points when I got home. 

Hubby and I went to BJ's. We needed propane and charcoal. BJ's has the best price for both. Eggs prices are finally back to normal. I got 5 dozen large eggs for $4.79. Their cold cuts are the cheapest so we splurged. Milk was $2.19 each. My total at BJ's for groceries was $55.30

YD decided that she now likes yogurt. She asked me to take her to the store so she could pick some out. They were on sale for 60¢ each. I also had a digital coupon for 50 cents off 5. The juice was on sale for $2 and is a favorite. Everything else was clearance. 

 2 liter soda bottles for 22 ¢each. I'll take them. My son and his friends will drink them. Total at Stop & Shop was $8.19.

I went to the Dollar Tree. I also got lots of cards for upcoming birthdays, Father's Day and Graduations. Total on groceries was $34.16

Aldi is down the block.  My total was $37.86.

I then ran to Trader Joes across the street. Hubby is having his wisdom teeth pulled, so I got him ice cream. YD loves these veggie burgers and they are cheapest here. Total $10.67

My son's job is keeping us well stocked on bread and bagels. 

I am just getting herbs from the garden right now. Hopefully in a few weeks I will have lots of veggies from my garden. 

Total shopping for the week was a whopping $207.76. That is more then half of my monthly grocery budget. Ooch! Part of that fell in May and some in June. I do have a surplus on my grocery budget of  $177.97 because I did a pantry challenge in January. Hopefully once the garden takes off I won't need  to buy vegetables. 

 I am currently going through my food storage, cleaning and organizing it all. Any food that is past date or about to be is being pulled off the shelves and put on the side so I use it soon. I will update my inventory list when I finish. I will post pictures when I am done. 

What did you add to your pantry this week? Any great deals? Do you use Ibotta?


  1. Even though you spent a good chunk of your budget, I think the deals you got were awesome! I used to do Ibotta a few years ago but then I just stopped - no real reason why besides I hated trying to line up the receipts correctly. I think I should start doing it again since every little bit helps the bottom line!

    1. Glad you are back. Even if you just do the any items, it adds up. I always look at what fruit and vegetables are the any item. We eat most things so if I can get 25¢ back for 2 bananas or apples, I will get them. We aren't big drinkers but I know my daughter has done a few of the alcohol ones. Some weeks I only get 50 cents.

  2. Hi Mcoia sometimes it happens like that where there are bargains that you need and will use that take a greater chunk of our grocery budgets. I say go for it if you can realistically fit it within your budget to stock your pantry to a higher level at lower prices :) .

    As you know we shop on a 2 monthly budget and this 2 months we will be over budget by about $35 due to the 2 x $350 for $300 supermarket e vouchers we purchased along with 2 other supermarket in store vouchers we got in the mail for $15 off $100 purchase. We did however manage to get by taking advantage of half price specials combined with the discounts using all the vouchers about $230 - $240 worth of extra groceries for nothing. To us that is supplying our pantry with an additional 1.5 weeks of food for $0.

    It is worth it to us for the benefits it brought us in increasing our food storage and I think is all about carefully weighing out the benefits for your family situation and in our case this gave us prices on everything far lower than Aldi. It also means we will have to buy less groceries next time we go shopping as we have built up our pantry stocks so much this 2 months.

    We are now going to put $100 every fortnight aside in our pantry account so we can take advantage of these vouchers once every 3 months to use for groceries and further pantry stocking.

    On to what we did this week to build our pantry is that we finished using our second $350 for $300 e voucher and coupled that with 50% off specials on both 8 tins of spam and a treat for me being a packet of twisties saving an additional $20.60 on usual prices. We also purchased 12 more boxes of cocoa (we use for making hot chocolate and cooking with), 12 tins of mango, 3 tins of two fruits in natural juice to top up our pantry closer to a 12 month level and 1 x laundry liquid at a 14.28% discount on normal prices due to using the e voucher.

    Also this week we have started the mass blanching and freezing of our 100 kg of sweet potatoes we picked from the gardens and blanched and froze, so far, 31 meals worth for the freezer. It appears we haven't yet made a substantial dent in what we harvested. Preserving continues this week :) but all of these are completely free to us now.

    We are pretty chuffed with our week again :).


  3. That is wonderful that you were able to stretch your vouchers to get so much for your storage. And all of those wonderful sweet potatoes. You will be eating great all year long with them. Preserving them will be work but you will be so grateful to have them.

    I budget groceries for the year and I am doing great so far this year. Last year we averaged $450 a month so I wanted to challenge myself and get it to $400 a month this year. It equals out to $100 a month per person. So far I am on track. I have extra money because I started the year off with a pantry challenge in January. For the year, I have as of the end of May, $177.97 extra. With the summer here, I will start buying less vegetables since the garden will be supplying us.

    Have a wonderful week. I hope you get all of the potatoes processed.


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